One of the things I hate is sleeping soundly and at that very moment the iPhone on the nightstand rings when there is a message or notification from an app. They make you want to stamp it on the wall. To prevent this from happening again, you can enable Do Not Disturb mode. We explain how to get it.

Being part of the iOS operating system, this option, among other things, allows all kinds of sounds to become annoying. If you use it you’ll be sure the terminal won’t make any noise, but in your case, you want that to happen when you go to bed. And for this the tool is a programmingthis is exactly what you are looking for.

That’s why Apple says that those who sleep with an iPhone nearby, you don’t have to experience any discomfort while they sleep. And that’s very positive, because it’s really simple to achieve.

Steps to Program Do Not Disturb on iPhones

Everything you need to use is already available in the operating system on Apple’s phone, so don’t install anything To achieve that goal. Then you will see what you need to do to achieve this:

On iPhone with iOS 15

  • The first thing you should do is access the Terminal Settings as usual. After doing that, you should look for the option called Focus Modes.
  • Among the options available in this section, you must select Do not disturb to reach the screen where you can configure the settings.
  • Now activate the slider and you will see a tool appear that allows you to set the activation time and the corresponding Do Not Disturb mode will stop taking effect on your iPhone.
  • You can also set exceptions in both contacts and apps if you don’t want to miss an emergency call from a family member or friend.
  • When this is done, you will be finished.
Do Not Disturb Options on iPhone


On terminals with iOS 14

  • You have to access Settings and enter the Do not disturb section there.
  • On the new screen you see on iPhone, you need to Activate Scheduled and find and use Scheduled schedule. Set the options you want as the time range.
  • Then you need to configure additional settings for the behavior of alerts, calls and notifications. Can be mute, Allow call; and finally, Duplicate calls. Use the one that suits your needs.
  • At this point, you’re done.

It is important to remember that all the steps you take are reversible, so you can disable the Do Not Disturb function by disabling the corresponding slider. Meanwhile, the steps we started Valid for iPadthis may be useful for some.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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