How to Convert WebP Images to JPG or PNG on Mac

We show you 4 alternatives to convert your WebP format images to JPG or PNG on your Mac.

By Mauricio Martinez on Mac

If you surf the Internet for a long time, you will get used to it. Save an image that you find to have WebP format instead of jpg or png, has this happened to you recently? In case you didn’t know, Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights considers this format the next generation and tries to persuade websites to use them. Your competitive advantage is reduced file size which means faster charging. Do you need to use an image in this format? on iPadize We teach you how to convert them in an easy and simple way. to JPG and PNG image formats.

Easy to convert WebP images to JPG or PNG, choose the best way

In general, images of the WebP type can be viewed on any computer. The problem occurs when this bootup occurs on another type of device, for example when saving the device to a USB removable drive and plugging it into a Smart TV screen or multimedia player.

Also, when sending information, the type and type of picture in question is requested in traditional formats. You won’t have to worry about it anymore because We will show you 4 different ways to convert WebP images.

Using Preview on Mac

  1. hungry Image in WebP format on your Mac with the preview app
  2. click Choose File and Export
  3. Then click on Format menu and choose JPG, PNG or the format that suits your needs
  4. At the bottom you will find a control, the weight will increase as you scroll towards Maximum, but the image will get a better quality.
  5. Save image in new format in the folder you selected.
Converting WebP image to JPG in preview

Convert WebP image to JPG in preview

This is the best way to convert images natively. curiously there is another option that is faster and more synthesizedhowever, it is only available in newer macOS versions such as Monterey or Ventura.

Quick actions to convert a WebP image

  1. gives Right click on the WebP image
  2. below Choose Quick Actions In the Convert Image option
  3. Choose your preferred format, JPEG or PNG
  4. Instead of checking as in the preview, you should choose a size here from small to life size.
Quick actions to convert image

Quick actions to convert image

This conversion option is perfect if you think the size is too big and you want to shrink it down. You save a step when confirming the destination folder, as the converted file is automatically created in the same place as the source image.

The Photos app is a good alternative if you’re using it as a library.

In my personal experience I don’t use Photos as I haven’t used an iPhone for a few years, but if that’s your case, you can use it to convert your WebP images.

  1. Select the image in question and click File –> Export –> Export (number of photos if available) photos
  2. Select target format in photo type
  3. You can configure the properties of the image quality as low, medium, high or maximum.
  4. If you want more advanced settings, click the little arrow next to Photo Type to bring up additional options. You can define a more specific size in pixels.
  5. When you are ready to export, select the target location and hit the Export button.
App Photos to convert images

App Photos to convert images

I am not convinced with any of the above options, what else can I do?

Since almost everything is available on Google or the internet, you can also use a website to convert your images. In my case, my favorite is, which I personally use in most cases, although in document formats (PDF and derivatives).

It is very useful and you will reach the destination in a few seconds or minutes. Depending on your internet connection and the number of images to convert. The advantage of converting images on this site (or any other site you prefer) is that you can do it on your Mac or your iPhone, iPad or mobile device.

Whichever you choose, make sure you set everything up correctly to avoid mistakes.. Now you know more ways to convert images on your Mac.

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Source: i Padizate

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