The advent of remote working has meant that many people have always wanted to have a desk that adapts to their needs. It was generally thought that this was impossible to achieve, but the reality is that it is not. An example of what we have said is FlexiSpot E7, a tool that allows you to effortlessly adjust the use of the desktop whenever you want.

This is a finished product Metal which can be selected in different tones such as white, black or gray. In addition, it can be preferred as a high-strength board (which can withstand up to 125 kilos) located at the top and combined with the structure. different surfaces, among them maple stands out; walnut; white; bamboo; and the lower part, graphite.

The fact is that we are always talking about high-quality coatings that ensure maximum safety and tightness. And what makes this FlexiSpot E7 different from other models on the market? Well, use automatic system that allows to change the height of the board in a very comfortable way. In this way, you can change this parameter according to every need. For example, if you are sitting, stand up; and even if you want the support surface to be in a different position because of something you need to manipulate. This prevents you from having fixed body positions with the physical problem this entails.

How to change the height of FlexiSpot E7?

This may be the big question you ask yourself. Well, through module Connecting to a central element and driving two integrated motors, one on each leg, all you have to do is print some buttons for the action to be performed. In other words, you don’t have to get up from your chair if you’re working and you obviously don’t make any effort.

FlexiSpot E7 Auto Desktop


On the other hand, it is worth noting that this device always has a display that shows the height used and accepts it up to the maximum. four memory points. That way, when selecting each of the corresponding buttons, it automatically determines the height to use – note, it also has an anchor point. USB It even allows high speed charging of the mobile phone as it is compatible with Quick Charge-. Simpler, impossible.

Other beautiful details of this table

Apart from what has been stated, this FlexiSpot E7 basically has a system that hides all the cables needed for the desktop to function fully. However, if that’s not enough to make sure this device is ideal for your office, lots of accessories can be used to increase the utility of the product. An example is when you can get additional wheels; supports for monitors or computers; or an element that will organize the rest of the cables and no longer become an obstacle.

The truth is, put together in less than an hour thanks to a very complete guide, this FlexiSpot E7 is an excellent idea and allows you to use the computer even while standing without any problems; this is something impossible to achieve with traditional tables. . What does it have to do with the price? from 509 euros In Spain, as long as it’s the base model and has the dashboard.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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