when he went oneplus released only smartphones and headphones to the market. The Asian company is thriving and one of the ways to do that has been to increase its product portfolio. With smartwatches already becoming a reality, the company announced its first monitors. We tell you what they offer.

The chosen market for this is India, a country where the brand’s presence is very strong, so they can adequately measure the impact of the two models chosen to debut in the monitor segment. And the truth is, OnePlus as always they are not indifferent -in terms of both its design and the benefits it offers-. An important detail: The price of these products is currently unknown, as the company did not specify for the E24 or X27.

The base model is the OnePlus E24.

This is a device with an IPS panel. 24 inches, this is usually more than enough for personal and professional use. It is important to note that this model has Full HD resolution; 75hz and also the response time is five milliseconds. So it’s a true SUV.

Regarding the connection, it is worth noting that all sorts of options are offered, since it is not missing. usb type c; HDMI; and surprisingly VGA to service old computers. The dimensions of this product are 54 x 16 x 43.7 cm without the problem of hanging on the wall. A nice detail is that the vertical and tilt screen adjustment possibilities are very good.

New OnePlus E24 monitor


Finally, it is worth commenting that OnePlus E124 has different usage modes and a black stabilizer among the options offered. The viewing angle is pretty accurate, 178 degrees and reaching the maximum brightness it can emit. 250 nits.

Considering gamers, the X27 is coming

In this case, the little monkey clearly seems to be aiming for the smallest, as its features make it ideal for playing with it. In this case the panel 27 inches IPS and resolution reaches QHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels). with a higher frequency than before 165hzThe response time leaves no doubt about its ideal use: one millisecond., White and bottled.

It has other virtues such as glitter. 350 nits and offers a color definition of 1.07 trillion colors or can be HDR compatible. Connectivity is superior to the previous model as the specified model includes a DisplayPort plus; two USB connections; and in this case, no USB type C. Curious, but that’s how it is.

New OnePlus X27 monitor


compatible with technologies such as AMD FreeSync Premium, to prevent shaking and the dimensions offered by this very attractive model are as follows: 61.6 x 23 x 52.4 centimeters. A really interesting model, no doubt.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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