The way it seems to work view He did not convince some official institutions and decided to take action on the issue in order to present free competition in the market. One of those affected is Apple, which has already had to give up USB Type-C connectivity in Europe. And something even more important could happen on iOS in the medium term.

According to known data, the Cupertino firm is preparing to give itself something that it does not like at all: its possible arrival. third party stores with applications iOS. Yes, according to what you’ve read. The current monopoly may be ending and before long you’ll be able to install an app or game on your iPhone outside of the App Store. An earthquake that could be a turning point for Apple.

What is all this for?

Behind all this is the European Union again. approval of laws DSA (Digital Services Act) and DMA (Digital Markets Act) This is because its goal is to end the power of certain technology companies, thereby limiting this dominance and monopoly in certain market segments. The example we’re talking about affects Apple, but there are others like Qualcomm or Microsoft that might be affected.

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The truth is that Apple is preparing for this to happen, it would be normal for iOS to fight with all its might to prevent the opening of third-party stores, but it can happen as with USB type C. In the end, there is no choice but to surrender – since it seems unlikely to give up on the European market. The problem is that there is a mirror effect and they can follow the same path in other regions. By the way, the effective date of the aforementioned is also not far away: everything points to 2024. Here is the side door

What does this mean for Apple?

Well, nothing less than the purpose of having full control over iOS apps, it’s a brutal source of income to the company. Currently, if you have an iPhone and want to install something, you have to go through the App Store. And that means the Cupertino firm is reaping some juicy benefits in terms of advertising and commissions (30% in the first year and 15% from the second year). And all this may be coming to an end, at least partially.

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As there is direct competition, it’s clear that Apple needs to react and everything points to a drop in commissions… lower prices in applications. Additionally, developers would need to be granted access to certain parts of the entire iOS ecosystem, which until now were only held by the Tim Cook-led company. An example of this would be what is required to offer payment methods that are not currently valid.

Of course, Apple can always hold on to the fact that its store is the best for the customer. security and reliability however, it is not excluded that the decision was made to certify the developers rather than the applications, which would be a complete security seal for third-party stores. The truth is, if this move does happen, it will be very important to the user and the company that created the iOS (but of course for very different reasons).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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