In February of this year, Kontakt Intersearch conducted a survey of more than a thousand senior managers and business owners. It turned out that women began to more often encounter examples of discrimination, do not expect a promotion and do not see the opportunity to get rid of the “maternity penalty” (the consequences of taking maternity leave in the form of a slowdown in their career ). growth, lower salaries, etc.).

32% of women and 51% of men prefer to work under a man.


Research data is provided by Forbes:

  • When asked about the existence of gender inequality in the Russian Federation, two-thirds of women answered that it definitely exists, and two-thirds of men do not observe it in Russian society.
  • At the same time, the number of respondents who personally experienced discrimination is increasing: 38% in 2024 compared to 30% in 2023 among women.
  • To the question “Are you currently satisfied with your career/position,” 86% of women responded affirmatively (74% of men were satisfied); 75% of women and 54% of men responded with the salary, and women consider the salary for their job to be adequate and men are confident that they deserve more (less than half are satisfied),
  • At the same time, women do not expect a promotion: among the best, 53% received it recently, so they do not expect rapid growth, but men are confident that they will be promoted (47%),
  • Almost no one still wants to work under a woman (only 4% of women prefer same-sex bosses), 32% of women and 51% of men want to see men in leadership positions.
  • Men are willing to work more overtime (60% compared to 49% of women) and are not at all willing to stay at home (only a quarter would agree to take parental leave, for example).

Women separately note that their professional development is directly affected by the so-called “maternity penalty” – a reduction in wages and the loss of status and authority acquired due to maternity leave.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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