Smart glasses are one of the products that most people wish to have, but they are technically a product that cannot be easily obtained. But there are companies that adhere closely to them, for example OPPO. This Asian firm has announced a second generation model that aims to be the right path to follow.

One of the striking features of the new OPPO Air Glass 2 is its design. Aesthetically they are similar to traditional horn-rimmed glasses. For this reason, they aim to be extremely comfortable to use, and this is very important so that no one can feel hesitant when using the accessory we mentioned. Only the handles on which the hardware is integrated are slightly larger than usual, but this is something that does not particularly stand out. Good job done.

Another important detail in this section is that the weight of this device is only 38 grams. Perfect, no matter how you look at it. For this reason, more fatigue cannot be predicted than when wearing glasses for a lifetime.

New technology key in OPPO glasses

We are talking about the use of integrated optical waveguide with resin lens. This allows glasses to be used for good vision, correcting visual defects such as myopia, while LED micro projectors can be activated to display information about ‘crystals’. A smart and effective solution. By the way, there is not much missing in this OPPO product. microphones as speakersIt allows a wide variety of usage options, such as making calls.

OPPO Air Glass 2 smart glasses in white


Some functions that can be performed with OPPO Air Glass 2, notifications reaching the phone with which the glasses are synchronized; is to be able to translations in real time; and even, you won’t be missing out on possibilities. navigation in turn (used for this by some hardware components of smartphones). Come on, they’re all worthy of sci-fi movies that are close to becoming reality once again.

market arrival

No date has been specified for this, but it is normal for OPPO Air Glass 2 to become a reality in the coming period. first quarter of 2023 (obviously the price without leaving any traces) to keep track of a sufficient cadence over the previous generation. The truth is, this company is on the right track to offer users a device that is both useful and advanced. And the truth is, it now takes the lead in this market segment over other manufacturers like Samsung or Apple, which no longer have the lion’s head.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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