Apple would cancel its most ambitious and powerful Mac

The bad news about the Mac Pro and the M2 Extreme chip looks like it will cost a lot and Apple has decided to cancel it, but it’s not all bad news.

The Mac Pro is Apple’s most powerful computer and still uses Intel chips

We’ve known for months that Apple has been working on a new Mac Pro, it’s the only Mac available that uses Intel processors and hasn’t migrated to Apple Silicon. it was expected to be this Mac will have two chip options: The “M2 Ultra”, the evolution of the current M1 Ultra, and the “M2 Extreme”, the merging of the two M2 Ultras.

However, Mark Gurman reports that this ambitious and powerful chip seems to have been canceled. It was a chip that would have 48 CPU cores and 152 GPU cores, positioning itself as the most ambitious processor in Apple’s history. However, it was a very complex chip and difficult to manufacture, which would greatly increase the price. Of course, it’s not all bad news.

In 2023 we will have Mac Pro with M2 Ultra chip and expansion possibilities

Mac Pro

In 2023 there will be a Mac Pro with Apple Silicon chip

Considering we have the Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra chip, hopefully we’ll get an update when the M2 Ultra comes out. Then, Mac Pro may not have much bullshit if only it would use the same chip. But now we know there will be more news.

Gurman states Mac Pro with Apple Silicon chip allows for expansion options It will allow connecting RM memory and external storage and other components, one of the key points of the current Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro (instead of the M1 Ultra) is expected to be based on a next-generation M2 Ultra chip and retain one of its distinguishing features: easy expandability for additional memory, storage, and other components.

Mac Pro

New Mac Pro won’t be as powerful as expected but will retain expansion options

Waiting for chip M2 Ultra includes up to 24 CPU cores, 76 GPU cores and up to 192GB of combined RAM. But keep in mind that the current Mac Pro can be configured with up to 1.5TB of RAM and up to four external graphics cards can be connected.

If this information is correct, The Mac Pro will be the first Mac with Apple Silicon processors to allow for expansion.. It’s undoubtedly important business for Apple, as existing Mac RAM is coupled on the chip, so it can’t be expanded in any of the existing Macs.

In addition, Gürman states that Apple is conducting a test. Mac mini with M2 Pro chipMoreover 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 MaxIt should arrive at the beginning of 2023. Even at the end of the year iMac with M3 chipIt looks like we won’t see an iMac with the current M2 chip.

Source: i Padizate

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