9 years ago, one of the most criticized Macs in Apple history was released.

Happy birthday, Mac Pro “trash.”

A large percentage of users described the Mac Pro’s design as “trash”.

9 years ago Apple released a Mac Pro with a highly controversial and controversial design. The company has launched a Mac Pro model that has received harsh criticism from consumers who have long been dissatisfied with the Mac lineup.

Just as the new Mac Pro design was recently known as a cheese grater, back then 2013 MacPro It’s been described as a trash can for obvious reasons.

The Cupertino firm tried to innovate on an “epic scale” with a curved and cylindrical design that was appealing, yes, but it didn’t quite convince consumers. Nice try Apple!

Mac Pro: 9 years since launch in 2013

Apple unveiled the redesigned Mac Pro at WWDC in June 2013. The product would later be released in December of the same year. During his announcement, Phil Schiller uttered one of the most famous phrases in Apple history, the legendary one. “I can’t innovate my ass”. By the way, it’s a sentence that goes against it as most consumers and Apple users don’t expect this kind of design.

While the 2013 Mac Pro twice the performance of the previous generation, unified thermal core. they had processors Intel Xeon and dual AMD FirePro GPUs.

From Macrumors, 5 years after its launch, they remembered the time curiously stating, Apple apologizes to its users in a meeting with a small number of journalists. Inside, they expected the arrival of a “completely redesigned” Mac Pro with a modular design, a new iMac, and an external monitor.

Phil SchillerAt that meeting, he apologized to Apple users with the following words:

“The current Mac Pro, as we’ve said several times, was thermally stressed and this limited our ability to upgrade it. So we apologize for disappointing consumers who wanted this and asked the team to design something great for our Mac Pro “more expandability. and the future of consumers seeking upgrades. You will have more of these needs.”

Products can fail, sometimes for no apparent reason. But it’s not that bad. The exact opposite. The failure of the Mac Pro in this case led to the 2022 Mac Pro and the strong performance of Apple Silicon processors.

Source: i Padizate

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