Company Lenovoannounced an update to its major consumer IdeaPad laptops. A curious thing is that on this occasion, the Asian company did not wait for the CES fair, which has been common for a long time. The truth is that this new generation of computers is a reality.

Two models that stand out from the rest: IdeaPad 5 and IdeaPad 5 Slim. Both models with operating system Windows 11increasing their benefits, being much more productive with them.

So are Lenovo’s new multi-purpose laptops

The first model, designed to be a solution to all kinds of needs, has two models, the IdeaPad 5i and the IdeaPad Pro 5 Gen 8. 14 to 16 inches (Where there are Full HD options up to QHD+ with Dynamic Display Switch that allows them to reach 120Hz). One of the biggest differences between both options is its processor. The first includes a Intel core while combining the second AMD Ryzen -in both cases without specifying the specific CPU-. An interesting fact is that the largest display model includes a dedicated graphics card from Nvidia.

Lenovo laptop image


Aluminum enclosure and internal storage drives across the full range ssd and there will be various options in RAM ranging from 8 to 16 GB. It is worth highlighting some details that are important to these teams, such as the inclusion of WiFi 6 for internet access and the IR webcam offering Full HD resolution. Prices were not given, but the most powerful models with a 16-inch screen and 16 GB of RAM will easily exceed 1,400 euros.

Announced Slim version of IdeaPad

It also consists of two different computers, Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5i and IdeaPad Slim 5 Gen 8. Having the same screen sizes as mentioned above, here is an improvement with the inclusion of panels. oled to provide a higher image quality (resolutions available are Full HD or 2.5K). Improvements over the previous generation include the use of a larger touch panel and the possibility of accessing processors. Intel or AMD.

two models to reach European markets, so there will be different options to choose from, considering the weight of both Lenovo suites is particularly low. Available in a variety of colors, 14-inch versions with AMD processors can be purchased for €650, while the cost goes up to €750 if a larger panel is chosen.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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