In one of his first scenes in the film Batman, now available on HBO Max, the main character explains his goals in voice-over. He wants to confront the evil inherent in Gotham. Perhaps for the first time in cinema, Batman analyzes his inner journey and contextualizes it in a specific way. Matt Reeves’ character is obsessed with evil. But not only the criminals he encounters. Also one that affects the city in multiple and harsh ways. For a new storyline related to Batman, moral corruption in Gotham is a matter of interest to capital.

And that’s to the extent that this Batman, who’s only worn the mask for two years, knows that his efforts have minimal impact on the grand map of things. Especially since the layers of corruption in a corrupt city are mixed together to support the modern idea of ​​moral destruction. Batman, of course, will have to face the brutal streets of the city where he was born.. But at the same time, the complex web of relationships and political favors that looms over Gotham like a threat.

Batman he paid particular attention to analyzing Gotham as a box of horrors. So complex that it ends up being a giant trap that Batman will have to deal with from an unknown position. At the same time, trying to maintain his duty – or what he believes – in the midst of all kinds of notions of fear and a state of power. By the end of the movie it looks like batman is learning both about his city and how to deal with the demons that haunt him.

Evil in all its forms

On this occasion, Batman made the appropriate decision to build a structure well based on collective fears. On the one hand, there is evil at the most basic level. Gotham – a city in the midst of chaos, very close to an explosion in a heated social and cultural environment. The city, by the way, is very similar to the one that Todd Phillips came up with for the movie “Joker”. Both are characterized by reliance on very weak points of social coexistence, violated by deep inequalities. Matt Reeves, tentacles of corruption have so undermined the history of Gotham that they have become unpredictable.

Enigma by Paul Dano is a turning point in the history of terror and evil. Batman

Again and again, the director and co-writer reminds us that this young and inexperienced Batman has little idea of ​​what lurks beneath Gotham’s surface. A criminal muscle led by Carmine Falcone (John Turturro) and, to a lesser extent, Penguin (Colin Farrell). Both show the leaking façade of the respectability of a city obsessed with its idols. One that is also trying to survive its wounds and horrors.

But it is Enigma by Paul Dano that is the turning point in the history of terror and evil. Batman. This anarchist villain with explosive social discourse and a particular focus on collective fear, the embodiment of evil in the film. The villain not only kills, but gradually destroys the layer of respectability that maintains the character’s reputation. After all, Gotham is a hypocritical city, destroyed by its invisible sins and corrupted by a poisonous evil that cannot be completely eradicated.

Batman and Perspectives on Modern Evil

Much of the philosophical discourse Batman it has to do with how we embrace contemporary evil. One that doesn’t look for monsters or supernatural explanations for horrors. Indeed, one of the greatest triumphs of the film is that they come together and merge into a complex framework. Till Batman fights with all his resources against criminals of all stripes. and even serial killers, another kind of evil is rampant in Gotham. One that concerns all of its leaders and even those in charge of enforcing the rule of law.

Batman Matt Reeves is a look at the dubious. At the same time, about the perverted places that every society hides. And this is one of his big triumphs at the story level. Batman, hero of alleyways and broken streets, is now a bewildered witness to the pattern of evil that has overtaken him. And one that cannot be fought with technological marvels or mere talent. Which, without a doubt, is the character’s biggest crossroads.

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