Apple suffered a serious engineering error in the iPhone 14 Pro GPU that ruined all of its plans.

The company had to redo all its plans due to a design flaw in the iPhone 14 Pro chip.

The GPU of the iPhone 14 Pro’s A16 Bionic chip had development issues

Apple has been one of the leading companies in the technology industry for decades, largely due to the fact that its engineering teams have done a fantastic job developing multiple hardware components of its flagship products.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for us. iPhone 14 Pro. Despite being one of Apple’s flagships and the iPhone 14 Pro series having good sales figures, its development was about to fail disastrously due to a certain bug.

A news from The Information reveals the process of the engineer team working on it. GPUs after detecting the iPhone 14 Pro’s A16 Bionic chip serious design flaw.

iPhone 14 Pro: A design flaw caused rescheduling and hours of stress

Apple engineers were “overly ambitious” about the new GPU capabilities of the iPhone 14 Pro models, and their prototypes were far more powerful than previous predicted simulations.

They found an engineering design flaw In one of the late stages of GPU development New generation. A one-time mistake that caused the engineering team to completely redo their plans.

A16 Bionic

A16 Bionic with 5 graphics cores

The design flaw caused the GPU to have a very high impact on battery life, including thermal issues (overheating). As a result, this GPU could not be used on an iPhone 14 Pro. It was unacceptable.

It’s no coincidence that the cores in the iPhone 14 Pro GPU use an architecture very similar to the cores found in the iPhone 13 Pro’s A15 Bionic chip. engineers had to base the graphics processor on the A15 Bionic processor design Percentage of last year’s iPhone models, according to four people familiar with the subject.

Therefore, the two processors A15 Bionic and A16 Bionic have minimal differences in performance and efficiency, according to the latest data. criteria.

From The Information, they detail that many Apple iPhone chip engineers have left the company in recent years. This flaw in GPU design it was an “unprecedented” mistake in the company’s history.

Source: i Padizate

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