In 1976, a two-year-old girl got lost in South Korea market. In desperation, her family placed many advertisements and even appeared on television programs talking about what had happened. However, the little girl was never able to reunite with her family and ended up being given up for adoption. USA. Thus, his life has passed thousands of kilometers from his parents and three brothers and sisters, one of whom is his twin. It is clear that this story is well suited for scientific research, which is based on the analysis of the lives of separated twins, in order to establish the differences between genetics and selection.

For this reason, when a lost girl found her family as an adult, two sisters volunteered to take part in a study published this year in Personality and individual differences. In this work a intelligence test both, their medical records and several questions were asked Assess your personality and mental health.

Intelligence is generally defined as a highly genetic trait, so it has been found that the differences in the IQ of twins usually do not exceed seven points, even if they were brought up separately. However, in the case of these Korean twins, the difference was much greater, 16 points. It should be noted that the American woman who received the lowest value had several concussions in her life and it cannot be ruled out that this is related. However, the authors of the study believe that the possibility of parental influence on intelligence should be further explored.

Why is twin research so important?

Twins are those brothers and sisters who are born as a result of fertilization two sperm into two different eggs. Therefore, there are two sacs in the womb, and children, although they develop and are born at the same time, are no more alike than any pair of siblings, since each has its own distribution of genes.

Instead, identical twins come from one zygoteFormed when a spermatozoon is fertilized by an egg, which divides in two. In this case, the distribution of the genes of the father and mother is the same. That is why they are considered genetically identical. Although some studies indicate that there may be slight differences in mutations occurs after the formation of a zygote.

That aside, the truth is that the study of twins separated in early childhood is very useful in distinguishing between traits marked by genes and those that are of great importance. environmental influence. That is why it is so interesting to study these two sisters, who not only separated, but also grew up in two culturally very different countries.

What has more weight in intelligence?

The lives of these two sisters have changed a lot since they separated. While the one who stayed in South Korea had several loving and loving parentsThe American had more strict parents. Also, they divorced when she was a child, so she was also emotionally marked by it.

However, the characters of both were very similar. they were both human with great awareness, determined, organized and persevering in the pursuit of their achievements. They did have some differences in their political mentality as the Korean spirit was more collective while the American one was more individualistic. In addition, they both had a fulfilling life and good mental health.

In terms of physical health, both have undergone surgery. ovarian tumors. This is not strange, since many types of cancer, such as gynecological cancer, have high genetic component.

Surprisingly, but in intellectual terms, education does have a certain value. Perhaps because of the way children are intellectually stimulated, or because of the experience you have during your development. However, it should be noted that this is just one example, a pair of twins among many others in which not many differences have been found. Therefore, further research is required in this regard. Meanwhile, we are left with the most positive part of this story, which is that the two sisters could meet again, even if it happened many years later.

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