According to rumors, Samsung Galaxy S23 It won’t see the light until next February. But that hasn’t stopped leaks from continuing to appear on the internet. The three phones that make up the range have been in the news for a long time, and thanks to numerous leaks, we can already get a clear idea about them. What about the series? Samsung Galaxy S24?

These phones are expected to launch directly in 2024, but the series didn’t want to wait for leaks even two years later. After several teasers hinting at the arrival of Wi-Fi 7 with the Galaxy S24 series, a new leak points to a new update for the Galaxy S24 series. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. An update that will be historic.

Galaxy S24 Ultra will not rival the camera

The new information comes from a very respected person. Ice Universe. This insider has a very good track record, especially when it comes to Samsung leaks. Ice Universe has revealed the details for the upcoming S24 series. More specifically, an insider shared some specs of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera. As always, we expect the Ultra to be the high-end phone from the company’s flagship.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera will be a historic event: Why?

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Ice Universe claims that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will bring a new and improved telephoto camera sensor. The new sensor will bring a powerful new zoom mechanism. We don’t think the Galaxy S24 or Plus will get the same treatment as it only mentions the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This is not a surprise. All things considered, the brand puts these phones far behind the Ultra in terms of features and hardware.

Samsung may have a next-gen mobile phone

As for the main camera, insider says it will probably stay the same. At best, we will see an update. According to leaks, Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a camera 200MP ISOCELL HPX. So we may see this sensor again next year.

As for the zoom features, the newly updated telephoto lens could take the Galaxy S24 series to new horizons. This galaxy s22 ultra Already one of the best smartphone cameras for zooming, the S23 looks set to improve on this, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra will undoubtedly continue that tradition.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera will be a historic event: Why?

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According to a previous report SamMobilethere is a new telephoto module LG Innotek. This telephoto sensor offers the same performance as camera lenses. dslr cameras conventional. It utilizes a proprietary technology that offers true optical zoom without much loss of detail. It is possible that the brand plans to use this sensor in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Another possibility is that he is developing a similar sensor. Regardless, we can expect the Galaxy S24 Ultra to impress with its zoom capabilities.

It’s too early to talk about the specs, but of course leaks will reveal them next year. In any case, we can expect a new iteration. Samsung AMOLED displayspossible Snapdragon 8 Generation 3 and hopefully faster upload speeds. Of course, it’s a completely new generation mobile phone.

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