As of January 2023, its users Fitbit They must have a Google account to sign in to their account. As part of this change, the second option to sign in with your account Google will disappear on the web. For now, you can sign in using your Fitbit account or Google account. You could even log in using your account last year Facebook. But removing this option was only a matter of time. What is surprising is that the latter will also disappear.

What is the reason for this change from Fitbit with Google?

Now if you go to the Fitbit website, the following message will appear. “We’re removing the option to sign in to your Fitbit account with your Google credentials to enable an improved experience soon.” They have yet to announce the official date for this to happen.. But everything will start from January next year.

Fitbit is making a big change that affects Google users: How does it work?

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Make sure you remember the email address and password you use with Fitbit to be ready for this change. If you don’t remember your password, change it before it’s too late. The Google-owned platform ensures that all users’ e-mail addresses and password information are at hand. These are the same credentials used by their users. iOS Y Android log in.

You can seamlessly switch accounts.

This change is based solely on replacing all Fitbit accounts with Google accounts. After the transition, All new products require a Google account to install. A Google account will also be required to access the new features. Basically, it’s more of a practical matter than a precaution that could completely change the way the app works.

Users still using their old accounts will have until 2025 to switch to using their Google account. This will provide enough time for all users to migrate their accounts to their Google Accounts. Google will also make this task easier for all users by asking for their consent to transfer Fitbit data to Google.. Once you authorize the migration, Google will guide you through the steps to follow.

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