Many people choose to exercise at home because of the lack of options or convenience, and the number of supporters has increased since the start of the covid-19 pandemic. Stationary cycling is a great option for keeping aerobic exercises up to date.

Now, Velocity has brought a new model of interactive cycling to the country. The company is known for its network of spinning studios (exercise classes on the bike) spread across several states and also owns an online content platform, Sweatify.

The new bike has an integrated display, which can be between 15 and 21.5 inches, allowing the student to follow lessons and videos without leaving home. They will also be able to connect and interact with teachers live.

It will also be possible to track the progress of performance as the device collects information such as power, cadence, energy, speed and distance traveled by the cyclist.

The company has also invested in the creation of a new technology called beatmatch, which evaluates the synchronization between pedals and the beats of a song. It allows the user to create a custom playlist.

“All these features were created to help solve the mystery of how boring cycling at home is. The goal is for each to evolve at their own pace,” says Shane Young, the brand’s founder, in a note.

In the country, the bike will be sold for values ​​between R$8,490.00 and R$9,990.00. Another option offered by the company is equipment rental, which ranges from R$499 to R$599 per month.

Source: Tec Mundo

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