Recent reports claim that view He’s really worried about his poor performance. iPhone 14 Plus in the mobile phone market. Therefore, the company he headed Tim Cook It’s trying to make some big changes to the future iPhone 15 series to prevent supposedly “failed” sales.

This iPhone 14 Plus He became the last member of the Apple family. It came as a spare. iPhone 12 Mini Y 13 Mini. These smartphones also underperformed in terms of sales, so it seemed to follow a certain marketing pattern. Worry is sincere. For this reason, the Apple company decided to bet on the iPhone 14 Plus to ease the barrier to sales. Unfortunately, things got even worse than before.

What are the options Apple is considering for the iPhone 15?

Interestingly, the iPhone 14 Plus has the same design and features as the standard model. The only difference is that this smartphone has a bigger screen and a bigger battery. Therefore, it is also a less economical option than the basic model. According to a post by yeux1122 on Naver, Apple is not happy at all in terms of sales and the way things are going with this mobile device.. The company has already begun to reevaluate how it will handle the Pro and Plus models in the iPhone 15 series.

What about the iPhone 14 Plus?  Apple is very interested in this smartphone

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Based on this information, Apple currently has two ideas on the table. They evaluate which of the two is better. The first, as previously rumored by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, suggests that: the company will further differentiate between the Pro model and others. Another option is to lower the price of the iPhone 14 Plus model. Currently, the device is at a base of $899. However, the information also argues that lowering the price of the iPhone 15 Plus will mean that the standard version will also cost much less.

More competitive pricing for the next generation market

The standard iPhone starts at $14,799. There’s no other option: o Apple also lowers the price of the standard model or reduces the price difference. Most likely, the company can slightly raise the price of the standard iPhone 15 and lower the price of the iPhone 15 Plus.

In this case, both phones will have very similar prices. As a result, some users prefer larger phones and others smaller phones. The question is to decide which of the two best suits your preferences, without taking into account the cost of the smartphone.. Apple still has time to decide, as the iPhone 15 is still a year away. Of course, the Cupertino company will find a suitable solution before the launch of its new generation. All we need to have is patience and waiting to learn.

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