In the last two years, there have been several foldable mobile phones on the market. In the first years, SAMSUNG Y Huawei They dominated the market by releasing the only foldable phones on the market at the time. However, Huawei was losing ground following the US ban, leaving Samsung as the main force to be reckoned with in the global market. now is the time Google Pixel Foldin anticipation of that much-rumored folding iPad that could be worth an arm and a leg.

Google’s ambitious plans in the folding market

other brands such as Live, Xiaomi Y Motorcycle They launched foldable cell phones. However, these brands are not releasing these devices as consistently as Samsung. Now, with the launch of the Pixel Fold, there are reports that Google will join the foldable market. The foldable mobile market is booming and could be one of the biggest surprises of 2023. We’ll see how its performance will impact the rest of the industry, especially the one regarding smartphones.

Google has great news about the ambitious Pixel Fold


Rumors about the Google Pixel Fold have been circulating for several years. Last month, a reliable source released the first concept drawing of this mobile phone. Now, a South Korean media has revealed more details about the iconic folding mobile phone. As reported by The Elec, Google plans to mass-produce the Pixel Fold and related components from the third quarter of 2023. So this foldable phone will definitely not be released in the first half of this year. It is likely to start in the fourth quarter.

What do we know about the Pixel Fold so far?

Instead, it began mass production of components for Samsung. Z Flip 4 and Z-Fold 4 In May 2022, the company finished production of the finished phone about a month later. The report also confirms a few more details about the Pixel Fold’s display. It reports that the device uses a 7.57-inch ultra-thin glass folding interior display and a 5.78-inch outer display. These dimensions are slightly different from the previously leaked information.

Elec also hints that the Pixel Fold’s display may not be as good as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Fold 4. Google may not use the folding screen technology introduced in the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which makes the folding screen thinner.. The report also claims that the Pixel Fold is unlikely to support a stylus. There are still many doubts about this report. It was previously reported that Google will launch the Pixel Fold in April or May 2023.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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