This Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) announced the new wireless charging standard. judicial Qi2. And what makes it interesting is that it will unify all wireless charging standards. So it will officially carry the technology. MagSafe to devices Android. Great news for all mobile tech enthusiasts.

This is the first phase of the wireless revolution

Although announced in CES 2023We expected chargers to come with Qi2 compatibility towards the end of 2023. And when it finally launches, wireless charging will undoubtedly offer a much more convenient way to charge devices wirelessly.

The Qi wireless charging standard has been around for over a decade. However, WPC has found that retailers and consumers find this standard somewhat confusing. Specifically, it is not easy to understand the differences between non-Qi-certified and Qi-certified devices.

As we enter the first phase of this new wireless charging standard, WPC stated: They say from the Wireless Power Consortium that “Qi2 will become the world standard for wireless charging and offer this guarantee to consumers and retailers.”

Qi 2 is full of benefits for the future

Creating the new standard on MagSafe iPhones, WPC aims to reach a global standard. There are other collaborators from other members of the consortium. And thanks to this combined effort, the Qi2 will introduce a new magnetic strength profile. This allows users to effortlessly align wireless charging with their device.

But comfort isn’t the only factor that makes the Qi2 great. It will also offer a more efficient and faster wireless charging solution. While we don’t have detailed details on the standard, WPC has announced that “the Qi2 will have an initial power of up to 15 W.” Qi2.” ».

If the number is ringing a bell, because Apple MagSafe It offers the same charging speed. It can deliver 15W maximum power providing optimum charging speed. This charging speed is said to take battery health into account as well. But as they say from WPC, “As Qi2 matures a bit, it will undoubtedly offer higher speed.”

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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