Apple Books decided to make a significant commitment to artificial intelligence, and now offers audiobooks with digital voice. This feature is already available in some titles, but Apple hopes more writers will share their literary works by taking advantage of this technology.

As the Cupertino-based firm explained on its website for creators, the purpose of these digital storytelling is to reduce the cost of audiobook production. So the whole process is supposed to be more accessible, although Apple says it didn’t design this tool to threaten the work of real voice actors.

“Digitally voiced titles are a valuable addition to professionally voiced audiobooks and will help get as many books and as many people as possible to sound. Apple Books continues to strive to celebrate and showcase the magic of human storytelling and will continue to expand its catalog of human books. voiced audiobooks, ”the Californians explained.

So far, Apple has created four types of digital voices – two male and two female – optimized for specific genres: fiction, romance, non-fiction, and personal development. Each of them is truly amazing.

Four AI-voiced audiobooks are now available on Apple Books. We are talking about love from afarMona Ingram From ant to eagleAlex Little distant shoreLinda Hale Bucklin, and Capon Valley SamplerWillard Wirtz. All carry the following note in their description: “This is an Apple Books audiobook with a digital voice based on a human narrator”.

Apple Books takes a step towards AI audiobooks

Authors who wish to submit their books for AI audiobook creation can now do so. However, Apple is currently only accepting submissions for sci-fi and romance publications.. Those of Tim Cook promise to provide an update on when the option for non-fiction and personal development games will be available.

The requirements for creating an AI audiobook for Apple Books are relatively easy to meet. First of all, the e-book in question should already be available on the Apple Book platform. In addition, the authors must own the rights to produce the audiobook, and the publication must be in English. It is currently unknown if there are plans to expand the program to other languages.

It is worth clarifying that, in addition to the above minimum requirements, procedure is not automatic. “The nominations will be judged on several criteria, including file quality, content compatibility. […] and editorial review. Since each book is unique, it is possible that even titles that meet these requirements will not pass the synthesis,” Apple Books said.

Those who pass the selection will have to choose the voice they like best, the cover and the publication date. Undoubtedly, a very interesting process that can radically change the situation on the audiobook market. It is logical to assume that the quality of products will improve over time, but that Apple is starting to offer them is a sign that there is already agreement on the results obtained.

The production and creation of AI audiobooks is done through “Apple Preferred Partners”: Draft2Digital and Ingram Content Group. As for the final product, can only be offered through Apple Books. However, since authors or publishers retain the rights to create audiobooks, they have no restrictions on producing or distributing new versions outside of the Apple platform.

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