It is entirely possible to enhance the study or desk. In the technological section, traditional models that have nothing to make them stand out are left behind. A company that demonstrates times are changing FlexiSpotIt has a new model on the market that offers excellent features.

The table we are talking about is one that combines a very good finish and at the same time automation options the most notable ones. It has to do with table height change very simple and effortlessly controllable product (because you don’t have to bend over to pick it up). In fact, as we will tell you, it will fit perfectly with your phone or tablet.

An ideal desk for all types of people

There are two big reasons for saying this. On the one hand, it has excellent resistance, because among other things it is an accessory. Able to carry up to 125 kilos. On the other hand, before leaving this section, we should also say this. stability Its construction is solid because of what the desk offers – nothing moves no matter how much you use it – and the use of top quality materials such as stainless steel. Come on, this quality is too much.

Flexispot E8 table structure


It should be added that Flexispot E8 has many customization possibilities. So, for example, you can get the build in various shades (eg black and white), and apart from that, the top is available in a variety of finishes. Among them, maple stands out; black; white; bamboo; Grey; and even one that simulates marble. Also, the dimensions of this element From 120 x 60 to 180 x 80 centimetersThus, all possibilities are considered.

Everything stated, whatever your needs, you will always find the model you need being much more productive while reading, working and, of course, enjoying your hobbies (like painting or crafting). Ideal for everything and everyone.

Altitude variation is the best of this FlexiSpot

Obviously, this is the difference of the product (and improvements in the previous version of this manufacturer) and the truth is that the work has been done wonderfully. To achieve this included a pair of engines (hidden in each of the legs) and have excellent virtues: they are quiet -less than 50dB in operation; they are not slow at all because They operate at a speed of 35 millimeters per second.; and best of all, it is simple and convenient to use.

FlexiSpot E8 white desk


And the second is fundamental, because it is possible to change it. board height 60 to 125 centimeters Via an integrated module that allows you to change this using two buttons and also has four memories, the height change is accomplished with a single touch (it can even be locked for the little ones in the house to see). do not misbehave). There is also a Quick Charge compatible USB port which is compatible with all phones and tablets currently on the market.

More options and prices

Alongside the basic information found in the FlexiSpot E8, which is not devoid of a handy system for hiding cables, there is a guide on the manufacturer’s website. Numerous accessories to increase the usefulness of this product. Among the options you will find are some wheels to make the table movable; matching drawers; support for desktop computers (this makes this accessory ideal for gamers); and even office chairs that maintain quality and design.

If you’re interested in this upgradable desk, you should know that it’s affordable. From 599.98 Euros, depends on the type of surface selected and the accessories purchased. Without a doubt, this FlexiSpot device is a clear example of how you can greatly enhance the experience you have when working from home or the office; This was something that until recently seemed impossible.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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