FIFA President Gianni Infantino said that the upcoming World Cup 2022 will use innovative technology to control the movement of objects on the football field. Its main task is difficult false or controversial situations with an offside announcement. The prototype for the system was the Video Assistant Referee technology, first tested at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The concept of offside has long been one of the most controversial moments in football. One of the latest confirmations of the FIFA rules states that if a player is in a prohibited position, but does not take active action, then this cannot be considered offside. No, how to actually understand the player’s motives and evaluate his behavior, especially if he intentionally cheats? For this, a new technology has been developed.

The basis of the stems is a comex of 12 cameras under the roof of the stadium that monitor all events related. They transmit data at a rate of 50 frames per second and control an AI that tracks up to 29 points on the body of each football player, including all limbs, to recognize his movement. The ball that is fighting the football player has no inertial measurements, it sends the initial value data with sed 500 s.

All information flows to the production center, where it is analyzed and immediately transmitted from Eve to zero, the only one. Therefore, the system is semi-automatic – the equipment fixes the damage, but the decision about it is made by the human person. The additional system uses 3D video showing violations in all details to deduce it on the stadium screens to show the audience in the stands. This produces entertainment of the game and helps to deal with controversial issues. According to Infantino, the technology is the culmination of three years of research and testing.

Source: Tech Cult

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