This The arrival of Google Maps on watches with Wear OS The fact that these devices are a much more attractive option for users was already seen as a very important step. And the truth is that the step taken in practice only confirms what we have said. We tell you what it is about.

During the CES show, Google announced an update to the maps app we were talking about, and it had one purpose: Direct turn-by-turn navigation on smartwatches running Wear OS. This represents significant progress and is an example of what’s to come for this development, which has made great progress since being used by Samsung and also with the release of the Pixel Watch.

Not something that reaches all smartwatches

This is something that should be very clear. The new update and associated activation is only available for smartwatches using: Latest version of Wear OS. They are not all on the market, so this is important to consider. Additionally, it is a requirement that the wearable accessory includes: access to mobile networks (LTE at least), because that way they can work independently together with integrated GPS. And what is the reason for this? Well, Google Maps can work without being dependent on the phone.

Using Google Maps on a Wear OS watch

smart robot

If this is true, turn-by-turn navigation will be possible. so, with turn directions to reach a chosen place. And this can be very helpful in avoiding having to hold the phone in your hand while walking or even in the car. A nice development that shows the point reached in smart watches with Google’s operating system.

This is how the use of Google Maps on smart watches comes into play

what do you have to do in the smartwatch itself for example, to make Google Maps work on the device and not on the phone if you select:

  • Launch the Google Maps app.
  • Now, scroll down until you open the Development Settings section.
  • Select the startup mode and from the available options you can set how you want the app to run when you launch it and there is sync between the smartphone and the smartwatch.
  • You’re done.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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