It has been a long time since the first data to show this appeared. view was working to significantly improve the quality of its screens. macbook. This would be done using panels oled. However, so far, nothing. It looks like the firm has already found time to do this.

To the disappointment of some, Apple would not have stepped up until now… year 2024. Therefore, devices released now will not offer this type of display and will stick to mini LED-backlit LCD panels combined with ProMotion technology. This is a good solution, but not the qualitative leap that has been expected for a while for laptops from the North American manufacturer.

The information comes from the hands of Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the biggest experts on all things supply chain for the company that created the MacBook. So if Nothing changes with OLED panel purchasesIt is clear that there is no intention at this time to take the step of using such a component in the laptops we are talking about.

What is gained by using OLED in Apple MacBooks?

To begin with, an improvement in the design of the equipment. Using this technology, it is possible to achieve portals that are lighter and also thinner. Therefore, MacBooks (also availability increasesbecause it will be much more comfortable to carry the equipment from one place to another by hand or in a backpack).

Apple MacBook laptop on a wooden table


On the other hand, it should be noted that OLED technology does not require the same backlight as LCDs. Thus, as to what it has to do with image quality will also improve as the contrast will be much higher. And to complete the cycle, these components have lower energy needs, so increase the autonomy of laptops from Apple. It’s all profit… but of course the costs are higher and that has to be one of the things the Cupertino firm is considering to avoid having to raise prices exorbitantly.

The first models to use these screens

Without having exact data, but taking into account the update rate of the laptop range that Apple constantly performs, A MacBook Air will likely be the first to offer this new option. (can be 13 or 14 inches). Then, By the way, it’s not overlooked that OLED panels will eventually reach the iPad, especially those with larger screens.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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