to their owners meta quest virtual reality headset they have about two months to get the most out of the original. The latest news about this device is not rosy at all and everything indicates that these will happen in the coming weeks. But you might be wondering, what happened to this gadget?

No more updates… The helmet will die

The company has confirmed via an email to Meta Quest users that the first iteration of the wireless virtual reality headset will no longer receive new feature updates. Bug fixes and security patches will be around until 2024, but the feature set of your original Meta Quest is no longer changing.

Meta announces the worst possible news about a VR headset

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Additionally, Meta will disable some social functions. original quest. Users will no longer be able to host or join parties and the social aspects of Meta hub Horizon House They will be disabled on March 5th. After this date, you will not be able to meet your friends at Horizon Homes or invite them to your home.

Meta VR will be fondly remembered

While it’s certainly a bummer that a device that people paid $400 for in 2019 is shelving less than four years later, it’s not unexpected. target launched task 2 Significantly higher in 2020, which makes the first model more or less obsolete.

And with his last coming Mission Specialist High-end, Meta has both an “affordable” and a premium model on the market. So the old Quest has little place in Meta’s plans anymore. However, it still holds a place in users’ hearts as it does such a great job of making VR affordable and accessible.

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