Scammers began sending automatic notifications to Russians about the need to confirm their passport data on the operator’s website and in State Services. This is how scammers receive both portal access data and confirmed subscriber information.

Scammers began sending push notifications about the need to confirm passport data


This scheme caught the attention of the True OSINT Telegram channel, writes Kommersant. According to the channel’s authors, scammers can obtain login information for State Services accounts, as well as personal information that can be used for targeted attacks through calls.

The cybersecurity company Angara Security warned that these types of schemes threaten not only subscribers, but also the operators themselves: customer trust in the company decreases and, consequently, the conversion of the brand’s advertising messages falls. . Additionally, this may threaten lawsuits from regulators against telecom operators.

Amendments to the Communications Law came into force in June 2021. Operators can now ask subscribers to confirm their information. Companies can only provide services if they have reliable data about users. Therefore, telecom operators sometimes send messages to subscribers asking them to confirm their personal data, one of the verification options is “Government Services”.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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