one of the things they do the most Comfortable to wear on Apple AirPods headphones the possibility of using it. gestures to perform actions (such as skipping a song or answering a call). Surely you thought you could certainly do it in some situations. customize this option in the most convenient way for you. We will tell you how to achieve this in a very simple way.

to make it you don’t need to do anything weird, because once you have an iPhone or iPad you can get it without any hassle and also without danger. Of course, not all AirPods allow you to customize the use of the “buttons” integrated into the headset’s touch panel to change their use. There is one exception, the third generation of the product we are talking about. The rest will allow you to make the changes so that the accessory always works the way you want it to.

Change the use of gestures on Apple AirPods

As we mentioned, the steps are both Phones like the Cupertino tablets (no, neither is valid, so you should forget to do the same from a model with Android). Without further ado, we show you what you need to do to fully customize the operation of the headphones, and in this way, the headphones meet your daily needs.

  • The first step is to check if the AirPods are connected to the phone or tablet. Take them out of the case and make sure the OS recognizes them as usual.
  • Now access the iPhone or iPad Settings application (to do this, for example, click on the gear-shaped icon). You should see the name of the headset at the top of the screen.
Apple iPods with cases

  • Click on it and access a section with different configuration options for headphones. One of them is the element that shows which function is executed when the left and right element are used. Access each vault and choose the option that best suits your needs (from controlling noise cancellation to accessing Siri).
  • Once you’re done with the changes, you’re done, so using the headset is just the way you want it, as long as it fits within Apple’s range of functionality.

obviously you can change the process as you wantbecause there is no limit. The truth is, it’s a good idea to perform this customization as you can make using AirPods much more comfortable and intuitive for you.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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