The list of 5G mobile phones approved by the National Telecommunications Authority (Anatel) has reached more than 100 models this Monday (9), a little over six months after the technology launched in Brazil. The official report shows the most reliable devices to connect to new networks.

According to the agency, The total number of phones compatible with 5G in Brazil is 102 handsets., Data for the first days of 2023. The list, released last year, is constantly being updated as more devices receive official certification.

on the list, This SAMSUNG currently appears to be the manufacturer with the largest number of 5G smartphones approved by Anatel.. There are 32 models, especially the latest premium series, that can connect to very high speed networks with low latency and a more stable connection. galaxy s22.

The second position is occupied by motorolaHaving 19 technology-supported mobile phones, it is currently offered for sale in the domestic market. When closing the podium, applewith 13 compatible iPhone versions, including the iPhone 14 and variants released in September last year.

Updated list of approved 5G mobile phones

-also Updated list of 5G mobile phones approved by AnatelThe following manufacturers appear:

  • SAMSUNG: 32 5G mobile phones
  • motorola: 19 5G mobile phones
  • apple: 13 5G mobile phones
  • Xiaomi: 11 5G mobile phones
  • asus: 8 5G mobile phones
  • real me: 6 5G mobile phones
  • TCL: 2 5G mobile phones
  • HMD Global (Nokia): 1 5G mobile phone
  • Lenovo: 1 5G mobile phone
  • Positive: 1 5G mobile phone
  • Zebra Technologies: 1 5G mobile phone

in relation to Smartphone models approved for 5G According to the organ, the list consists mainly of high-end phones from the aforementioned brands, but there are also some intermediate technical table devices. The complete and up-to-date list can be checked on the Anatel website.

According to the regulator, approval is “a prerequisite for use and sale of the product in Brazil”. For this reason, the person who wants to buy a 5G mobile phone should not only consult the operator about the compatibility of that model with the new network, but also pay attention to the approval code found on the chassis or user manual of the device.

Source: Tec Mundo

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