Scientists from ITMO have created an algorithm that can recognize signs of myocardial infarction in ECG recordings in one second. This algorithm is designed to help doctors make diagnoses faster and more accurately.

A group of students and staff at ITMO’s “Strong Artificial Intelligence in Industry” research center has developed an algorithm that can detect signs of myocardial infarction in ECG recordings in just one second. This algorithm has been trained on more than 20,000 electrocardiograms and is correct in 85% of cases. In addition, the algorithm can visually highlight areas of the EKG that show signs of heart attack, making interpretation easier for doctors.

Cardiovascular disease takes millions of lives around the world and the main diagnostic method is EKG, but it is not always accurate. Scientists from ITMO developed this algorithm and teach it to recognize heart attack symptoms, their approach is more transparent and reliable for doctors. Such an algorithm can reduce ECG diagnosis time from 20 seconds to five seconds equipped with FewShot technology, it can also learn from specific hospital data to improve accuracy. Clinical trials of this development are planned on the basis of the National Center for Medical Research. VA Almazov.

Source: Ferra

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