The titanium in the iPhone 15 Pro (review) has a special coating that requires careful cleaning. You’ve definitely already seen how it fades from fingerprints, and dry wiping with a cloth doesn’t help.

Apple officially recommends using a 70% alcohol-based microfiber cleaner. Do not spray directly onto the device! Be sure to apply the liquid first to a cloth and only then wipe its body. Then the prints will go away.

Another method is monitor wipes; Apple has nothing against them either. They are inexpensive, you can find them for 250 rubles. For the first time, the company has simplified their use during the covid period for disinfection, with titanium coating, they do not cause harm.

But under no circumstances use wipes made with British peroxide or bleach (yes, they exist).

It is better not to clean the displays with any liquid indicators at all. They quickly broke the olephobic coating printed on the old side.

Apple also prohibits the use of compressed air canisters. This can damage the smartphone from the inside and you will have to pay 40 thousand for the glass. Full care instructions here.

Topic: Why is a titanium case needed in the new iPhone 15 Pro? Benefits and main disadvantages

Source: Iphones RU

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