We explain a very interesting trick to take a screenshot of an entire web page.

Social networks and instant messaging applications have completely changed the way we use the internet. Emojis have improved significantly, we use GIFs more often and regularly use screenshots to share them with other users. It actually has many uses. Screenshots. They allow to show images, text and other items to other users. They also serve to share tutorials or draw attention to things we want to highlight. They can even be a very effective way to remind yourself of things to do or things to buy.

From Apple, they are aware that screenshots are an essential tool for many users of their product ecosystem, and so they have devised several ways to get the most out of this functionality; By the way, it is available on all its products by default. devices. A few years ago, there was a shortcut for taking screenshots with the volume buttons and a editing tool to add texts, images, emojis and markers to screenshots.

Next, the company’s software engineers with the bitten apple logo implemented a way to take screenshots of the entire web page and UI of certain apps on iOS and iPadOS for iPhone and iPad. A particularly useful function that allows users to avoid taking multiple screenshots. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on Mac With the Safari browser. But there is a way to take screenshots of an entire website. Keep reading to find out.

How to take a screenshot of an entire website on your Mac

As mentioned earlier, a work around On macOS, which the ability to take a screenshot of an entire web page with your Mac, this trick is not available in Safari, Apple’s native web browser.

So, if you want to take a screenshot of an entire web page, you will have to download another web browser. One of the web browsers with the option to take a screenshot of an entire web Mozilla Firefox. Follow the steps below to take a screenshot of an entire website.

one. Download and install the Firefox browser on your Mac from the Mozilla Firefox website, it’s completely free.

two. Then open Firefox and navigate to the web page you want to screenshot.

3. Browse the entire web page for all of its items to load.

Four. Finally press the right mouse button mouse in any area of ​​the web page and select “Take screenshot” from the drop-down menu.

5. Click “Save Entire Webpage” in the upper right corner to take a screenshot of the entire webpage.


Save full page in Firefox

6. Finally, you will see a preview of what the entire web page you want to capture will look like. You can copy the image or download it as a PNG file on your Mac by clicking the blue “Download” button. The file will be automatically saved in Firefox’s default folder.


How to download screenshot with Firefox on Mac

In addition, it is interesting to note that before choosing the option to save the entire web page in step five, you have the possibility to select an area of ​​the web page that you want to capture by holding your finger on the mouse. and drag to select the area.

Other options for taking screenshots

The macOS operating system has a number of options that allow you to take a screenshot of a specific area and record the Mac screen. Users can take advantage of these options to take a screenshot of an entire web.

While it is not as effective as we have shared before, it is a method that can save you from multiple haste while taking screenshots with the Firefox web browser. we’re talking about doing screen recording a complete web page.

How to record screen to capture an entire web?

one. Open the web page you want to capture in Safari or your favorite web browser.

two. Press the key combination “Command + shift + 5”.

3. A screen recording toolbar will appear at the bottom of your Mac screen.

Four. Click “Record Full Screen” on the recording toolbar.

5. You will see how a camera-shaped icon appears, indicating that the system is ready to record.

6. When you click on any area of ​​the screen, recording will start.

7. As soon as the system starts recording the screen, it starts browsing the web so that the entire web page can be captured.

To stop recording your Mac screen, press the “command + shift + 5” key combination again and click the stop recording button.

How to take a screenshot of an entire website using zoom out

Finally, there is an alternative that is a bit roundabout, but may also do the trick. about take away of a web page until it appears on the Mac screen. Once this is done, take a screenshot as we normally would. However, we insist that the best option is to take a screenshot of the entire website from Firefox.

one. Access the web page you want to capture in any web browser.

two. To zoom out, press the key combination “command + dash (-)”.

3. When you see the entire web page on the screen, press “command + shift + 4” to take a screenshot of an area.

Four. Select with cursor mouse the domain you want to capture, in this case the web page you are visiting.

These are all options for taking screenshots of entire websites. Downloading a web browser to do just that can be a bit of a hassle, but as you can see, you have a few alternatives to consider. Which method do you use for your screenshots on iOS, iPadOS and macOS?

Source: i Padizate

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