Dates you have Apple assigned to launches It’s a complete mystery, but there is some information that is sometimes pretty accurate and shows the exact day the Cupertino company plans to put new meat on the grill. and this could be happens this weekThat means premiere when it comes to showing off the North American firm’s new official products.

The truth is, there are several sources that are pretty clear that this week is the week Apple has chosen to launch new products that, yes, will have no specific presentation for them (so iPhone doesn’t matter, for example). Same, some are open It would be tomorrow when the selected teams would be fully official. If at once The stores of the company led by Tim Cook do not existthe moment will be known.

What can Apple offer?

The fact is that the information makes a lot of sense, because everything indicates that there will be two product lines to replenish: MacBook Pro and also Mac mini (The last one has long promised an update, but sadly it’s not coming). In the first case, the laptops of choice may be the company’s bestsellers, those with 14- and 16-inch screens, and are expected to have a similar design to the models announced in October 2021 (processors being Apple’s M2 pro and M2 Max).

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What does it seem to have to do with the Mac Mini? Apple will have the M2It will mean a significant leap in performance over the previous generation and is not expected to have significant differences in what it has to do with the lines. To all this we must add a higher compatible resolution in the image. Therefore, we are talking about a silent renovation, as nothing has completely changed as it seems.

Can anything else be announced?

Well, it seems unlikely that the company decided to renew much more in this week’s announcements. And if so, what’s normal is some accessories We’re talking about options like keyboards and mice that are related, but small in their catalog. manzana. Frankly, there is no data on possible price increases, as the secrecy that usually surrounds versions of this manufacturer remains intact.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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