company for a while HP introduces a range of accessories to the market offering the most striking and differential functions. North American firm just launched wireless headphones Aiming to compete with everyone else in the market, including Apple’s AirPods. We are talking about Poly Voyager Free 60 and Poly Voyager Free 60+.

Communication with the sound source, as it could not be otherwise in this era, bluetooth technology (they can work with two devices at the same time and can remember up to eight), which ensures that you don’t have to tuck in any wires – there’s an exception we’ll talk about later – and there’s also the freedom to use this rationale. The specified are also excellent compatibilityand this is confirmed as new HP headsets can be used with: Windows; Mac OS operating system; iOS; and of course Android. Therefore, you will not have any problems with your mobile devices or computers.

Good performance on these HPs

In addition to offering options that are essential today, for example waterproof (IP54) or offer support for: hi-fi audioThere are some notable options in Poly Voyager Free 60. active noise cancellation so that nothing around you disturbs you. Also, and this is also important, Integrated drivers are 10 millimetersthus ensuring good strength and complete absence of distortion.

New HP Poly Voyager Free 60+ Headphones


One of the things that stands out especially with this new HP accessory is what it has to do with autonomy. By combining the headset’s battery and carrying case, you can: reach full day of use This is life insurance for those who tend to be away from home for long periods of time without having to look for a receipt. It should also be noted that charging can be done through a port. USB type C or wirelessly (There is compatibility with the Qi standard), so all options are available. Even transactions are very fast, as you can get up to an hour of use in just 15 minutes.

Poly Voyager Free 60 difference and price

Everything we’ve mentioned is available in the two models that make up the new HP line of headphones. But the Plus variant includes: oled display accompanied by buttons that let you know the battery charge or control the volume, among other things. Additionally, the USB Type-C port allows connecting an included cable that converts to a traditional headphone jack. This, among other things, turn the cap into a repeater that connects to headphones. For example, this product is ideal for use with entertainment systems on airplanes and trains.

The price of the entire range has not been published, but the basic model will cost about 299 eurosIt’s not the lowest number on the market, but it’s not crazy either. The release date is March 2023 and will be available in all regions where HP operates.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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