It was rumored yesterday but finally confirmed: view announced new devices and selected are models of laptop and desktop computer variants. We tell you everything new macbook pro renewed as well as macmini which was much expected.

One thing the new Apple computers have in common is their integration. new processors. Concretely, the chosen ones, M2 range Designed by the company itself. This means that there is a significant qualitative leap in performance when running applications and the macOS operating system. Depending on the model chosen, the power increase is really important, as the firm led by Tim Cook mentions up to twenty-two times more than previous generations with Intel components. Not bad, everything should be said.

So is the new Apple MacBook Pro

Updated models, 14 and 16 inch screenJumps to M2 Pro and M2 Max instead of using M1 processors. So, it’s the best the company has to offer right now. But the good news doesn’t end there, as both devices come with improvements in connectivity because they have WiFi 6E, which means more stability when accessing the Internet (and speed if the router they’re connected to offers compatibility).

The display of the new Apple MacBook Pro


The improvements resulting from the use of commented processors are significant because, as with the integrated GPU, more cores are included in the SoC itself, i.e. A 30% improvement over Apple’s replaced M1. If we add to this the use of SSD disks that can go up to 8 TB, it is clear that the speed of work is superior for any need.

More improvements on new Apple laptops

It is worth noting that the screens used are original, without any innovations in the design. small LED type It has high resolutions that enable it to reach Retina quality (3.024 x 1,964 pixels in the 14-inch model and 3.456 x 2,234 pixels in the 16-inch model), which is not deprived of technical improvements such as its use. Promotion. It is also worth noting that the frequency can reach. 120hz more than once, that is, the widest range is used.

Other innovations you’ll find on new MacBooks are the inclusion of a slot for the use of memory cards, which is always a positive for managing information. And also a Port HDMI traditional allows you to connect laptops directly to monitors or televisions with this type of cable (and that’s great news). On the other hand, there is progress in this regard. autonomy. Generally, one hour heal On average in all conditions, including web browsing with a Wi-Fi connection.

The design of the new Apple MacBook Pro


Prices of new models

Kind 14 inches obtainable in its most basic variant From 2,449 Eurosif the screen 16 inch is located 3.049 € (the strongest options can exceed seven thousand, which is a real pass). Regarding availability, it is now possible to book new laptops to ship on January 30th.

New Mac mini, expected refresh

This was also widely believed to happen, and Apple did not disappoint. The new model uses M2 and M2 Pro processors, which means it’s 2.4 times faster than the previous generation when it comes to running software. Also includes Wi-Fi 6EThat’s good news, and it doesn’t lack Bluetooth 5.3 for accessories. Aesthetically, this device is a carbon copy of the previous computer in the same series from the Cupertino company.

Using the new Apple Mac mini


Complete with link 4K resolution HDMI; two Lightning; network; two USB type A; and of course a headphone jack (depending on the model chosen it is possible to find more ports). uses Unified memory up to 32GBThis means it has excellent working capacity even with graphics (it relies on more powerful GPUs as they contain more cores than the previous generation).

How much do these new computers cost?

There are four stunningly priced versions that Apple has decided to launch today because they don’t raise prices Regarding Mac minis with M1 processors:

  • With M2 processor and 8 + 256GB: 719 euros
  • With M2 processor and 8 + 512GB: 949 euros
  • With M2 Pro processor and 16 + 256 GB: 1,569 euros
  • With M2 Pro processor and 16 + 512 GB: 1,914 euros

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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