Mansana He had a busy week after the presentation of new devices. New MacBook Pros, Mac minis, and even the traditional HomePod have been updated. However, another wave of products is on the way, the goal of which is to conquer an ever-growing market: connected home.

According to Mark Gurman, journalist bloomberg and the most trusted source for future Apple products, the company is currently developing several smart devices. Among them one screen to control connected equipment in the house. Hence, it will be an offer similar to Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo Show.

It will essentially be a cheaper iPad, and therefore less capable than the standard model. Apple’s idea is that users use this screen to adjust the home’s lighting or thermostat, and these are just a couple of possible customization examples.

you could even hang on the wall thanks to the mechanism consisting of magnets. Perhaps it will inherit the MagSafe technology that is already present in the iPhone and Mac.

Similarly, Apple’s new screen will also prioritize communication features. Consequently, will integrate a camera for video calls or voice calls via FaceTime.

Gurman explains that while this device is already in development, it’s not out of the question that Apple will try its luck with larger screens – without specifying its dimensions yet – in the future.

The bad news is that his initiative was somewhat delayed, and at best the screen will see the light of day by 2024.

Amazon Echo Show 15

Apple, on the other hand, knows that a huge number of people already have iPads at home. You can also control smart devices from the Home app. For this reason, the company is exploring the option sell special props place iPad in specific locations. Be careful, this is not the first time we hear about them.

But Apple’s attack on the connected home won’t be limited to a single screen. The above source adds that new Apple TV. However, his innovations will not be too significant. I would only go for a faster processor.

The most interesting will come later. Gurman says that Apple is aiming to release a device that combines the features of Apple TV, HomePod and iPad. All in the same product that might remind you of the Amazon Echo Show 10, although it doesn’t offer TV connectivity.

amazon echo show 10

Unfortunately, this device also suffers from lag, as does the display. Apple’s original plan was to launch it this year, but a goal they won’t be able to meet.

Despite the foregoing, Apple has not given up on its intent to gain a foothold in the connected home space, which is almost entirely dominated by offerings from Google and Amazon. Today they introduced the new HomePod, which, among its main novelties, boasts matter support. Created by Google, this standard makes it easy to set up and use smart devices, regardless of brand.

Thus, this is just one step in a comprehensive strategy that will begin to bear fruit in the coming years.

Source: Hiper Textual

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