Cell phone addiction is a common problem of modern life. Research shows that time spent on apps is increasing worldwide. In conclusion, anxiety and lack of focus are reasons to look for tips to reduce cell phone usage time.

This bad habit can be controlled with tactics that are easy to implement in your daily life. So, discover 10 strategies that will help you take your eyes off the screen of your mobile phone.

1. Write down your cell phone addiction triggers

The first tip is to understand what your motivations are for spending so much time in front of your cell phone. Boredom? Excessive working hours? Fear of missing some important news?

Identifying the cause of cell phone addiction is the first step in creating a strategy to combat it.

2. Try time management apps

Every mobile phone is equipped with tools that track the time the device is used. Android devices have an application called Digital Wellbeing.

There, you can check how much time is spent on each app and even stipulate maximum usage time. Thus, the cell itself closes the application when the time limit is reached.

The Screen Time function is also useful for iPhone users.


It’s worth checking the settings of social networking apps like Facebook and YouTube. You can control usage time by creating reminders on Instagram and observing your weekly behavior.

3. Block app notifications

Apps need permission to send notifications on mobile screen. This type of adjustment is easy to perform. Access your device’s settings and block any app you want.

4. Leave your mobile phone out of reach

Before starting a task that requires your full focus, turn off your phone or turn off your internet connection. Storing in another room where your eyes can’t see is also valid.

Staying away from your cell phone is one way to avoid the temptation to use it for a long time.

5. Look for productivity apps

One way to reduce cell phone addiction is to use apps that promote off-screen productivity.

Forest and Plantie are Android and iPhone apps that use a timer so you don’t touch your phone. A visual forest is formed until you reach the prescribed time to stay away from the device.

6. Enable “Bedtime” on mobile device

This function can be found where you set iPhone alarm. After the sleep schedule is set, the device displays a notification when it’s close to bedtime.

An excellent tip for reducing cell phone addiction and maintaining sleep hygiene!

7. Delete apps that are no longer useful

Having a variety of apps is a great way to procrastinate and therefore spend more time on your phone than recommended.

Clean and delete any apps that are not important to your daily life or that you only intend to use in certain situations.

8. Define a new relationship with your WhatsApp

Whether for personal or professional use, WhatsApp is among the most used applications by Brazilians. To reduce mobile phone usage time, Require intervals in your schedule for the day to check messages sent in the app.

9. Be mindful of time spent in game apps

Games are the gateway to an addictive world where time passes unnoticed, right? That’s why it’s important to avoid having more than one game app on your mobile and opt for those with fewer bullets to get to the next level.

10. Stay away from your cell phone when meeting with friends

Cell phone addiction can reduce quality time spent with friends and family. The solution could be simple and even create a support network for better living in the offline world: ask everyone to put their cell phones in a corner and only take them back when it’s time to leave.

The most important thing is to test the tips offered little by little and understand which one works for you in tackling cell phone addiction.

Discover more interesting suggestions here and read about screen risks for kids here Technology World. Enjoy!

Source: Tec Mundo

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