go viral TikTok It is one of the biggest obsessions of many creators. Currently, this media platform has become one of the most used social networks in the world, despite all the legal and political problems it has experienced. Different technological generations embraced everything he suggested and enjoyed this mix of dances, curiosities, trends, music and other creative subjects.

This is how TikTok’s “secret formula” works

But how to create viral content on TikTok? What is this hidden ingredient that can empower you within the social network and turn you into a new influencer? The preachers of this application have ensured that the algorithm is always fair to the creators and displays the relevant content according to the preferences of each user. The company itself removed the chest. However, an investigation conducted by forbes holds the opposite.

According to the report published by Forbes, it was determined that TikTok employees have a very special way of promoting content and making it viral. In other words, there is a kind of “hidden button” that ensures that an unrelated video has a large audience and automatically becomes important content within the social network. But how exactly does this “hidden button” work within the app?

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Apparently, a total of six current and former TikTok employees claimed that staff at that company and parent company ByteDance used a technique described as “warming up.” What is this warm up for? In particular, to Olympicly pass the famous algorithm and introduce a series of concrete and specific videos carefully selected by the employees themselves. The information was also verified through documents and internal communication, according to Forbes.

How does the algorithm work… Is it a myth?

Despite the fact that there is a “hidden button” that bypasses the algorithm and positions certain videos, the truth is that the heart and engine of TikTok remains. This is not a myth. In fact, its operation is very simple:

  • You upload a video to TikTok
  • An audience identified as “Select” (hundreds of users) sees the video for the first time
  • Circle expanded to a wider audience
  • Waiting for reception: comments, likes, viewing time
  • Final verdict: go viral or embed on the platform

Therefore, everything depends on TikTok users’ interaction with the video in question. But Forbes showed that the Asian company’s employees benefit certain influencers and brands to go viral. In fact, the sources cited in the report condemn this application, which benefits TikTok commercially.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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