THEM HIV virus vaccine Tested by Janssen, this test has proven safe for volunteers, but failed to prevent infection, as announced by the pharmaceutical company last Wednesday (18). Based on the results, the study was closed.

3,900 cisgender men and trans individuals between the ages of 18-60 from South America, North America and European countries participated in the research titled Mosaic, which was started in 2019. Volunteers received the experimental vaccine containing adenovirus 26 to transmit the HIV genetic code to the body and stimulate the immune response.

Four doses of the formula were administered in one year, with the last two bringing a mix of soluble proteins, but the results were unsatisfactory. According to the company, the vaccine “Not effective in preventing HIV infection“compared to the placebo group.

Scientists continue to search for the long-awaited vaccine against the HIV virus.

Although there is no security problem Vaccination against the virus that causes AIDSJanssen chose to stop the study involving Brazilians. As the pharmaceutical company states, the tested vaccine plan is not expected to achieve its “primary goal,” namely disease prevention, according to the data available so far.

The test on women didn’t work either.

THEM Ineffectiveness of Janssen’s HIV vaccine The discovery in this latest study comes shortly after a similar vaccine was tested in young women in Africa in 2021.

Mosaic study volunteers who contracted the virus during testing are being referred for medical care and treatment, according to the health giant. Throughout the clinical trial, all participants were given different AIDS prevention tools.

Source: Tec Mundo

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