There’s less and less for him Mobile World Congress (MWC) year 2023. We’re talking about one of the biggest events of the year. Barcelona It will run from February 27 to March 3 and will bring a lot of news for all tech lovers. From Apple to Samsung, none of the big companies in the phone world want to miss this inevitable event for the industry. And the same goes for oneplusbecause the Asian giant is in for a completely unexpected surprise.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor

Surprisingly, although OnePlus has yet to confirm its participation in Mobile World Congress, a key insider has revealed that the company has big plans for this event. Even the name plans to introduce a new concept phone at this event. OnePlus Concept Two. We don’t know for sure what to expect from this device, but considering the “conceptual” part of its nature… It can be assumed that it will be very revolutionary and will showcase pioneering innovations that will (or will not) transform the industry. for years to come. .

It’s been three years since OnePlus presented it in a teaser. CES her OnePlus ConceptOne and his heir is already on the way. The company’s first conceptual smartphone was developed hand in hand with the auto company. Mclaren and implemented an electrochromic technology often associated with the windows of airplanes and even sports cars. But what has it really brought to the mobile phone community?

OnePlus prepares its second concept smartphone with revolutionary technology


Its two most famous features were:

  • hidden rear camera
  • leather case

Frankly, as is often the case with conceptual smartphones of this type, the OnePlus Concept One never debuted and remains what it was supposed to be.

What can we expect from the OnePlus Concept Two?

Three years later, at a new tech show like MWC, OnePlus will officially unveil the Concept Two. Everything indicates that it will be very similar to its predecessor in terms of distribution; that is, it will not go beyond the event itself. When it comes to technology, as we have said before, intriguing innovations are expected that may or may not bear fruit in borage juice. Regardless, we’ll be here to show you what this OnePlus Concept Two looks like when it sees the light of day in Barcelona.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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