The summer heat is difficult to overcome with only the most “basic” methods, such as opening windows to increase circulation or turning on the fan. There are those who really prefer to create arctic cold in their homes, and the best alternative for all this is air conditioning.

If you’re evaluating models but still don’t know which air conditioner to buy, we’ve put together some tips for you to consider when buying, especially for those looking for a model to be installed in the living room.

Which air conditioner to buy will depend on some factors such as the size of the room, the power of the appliance and the best installation location. Check out our tips:

How to choose an air conditioner for the room

room size

The living room is often one of the largest rooms in the house. Even in small homes, the room can make up almost half of the total square footage. Therefore, it is very important to calculate the length and width of the room and have the total area of ​​​​the environment, which will directly affect the choice of air conditioner.

sun exposure

Environments that receive all-day sunlight are generally warmer and therefore need stronger air conditioning. While this can be mitigated by using curtains or blackout, the amount of heat absorbed by the walls is something to consider.

If the room only gets light in the morning, the environment tends to be cooler. If the incidence of sunlight is in the afternoon, when the temperature is higher, it is necessary to choose a more powerful air conditioner model.

air conditioner type

Another important factor is the type of air conditioner to be purchased. In homes where it is not possible to do a lot of work, such as some rental homes, split models (wall-mounted) are sometimes not an option. In these cases, a portable or window air conditioner is an option.

Power in BTUs

There is a calculation that helps identify the amount of BTUs in the air conditioner.

The abbreviation BTU, short for British Thermal Unit, denotes what we might call the “power” of the air conditioner. The higher the BTU of a model, the greater its ability to lower the temperature of the environment.

And how can I calculate the amount of BTUs needed for my room? There is a gavel that can help get an initial idea.

  • Consider 600 BTUs per square foot of environment.
  • Add 600 BTU for each additional person in the room during the cooling period (first person is not considered).
  • Add an additional 600 BTUs for each electronic device (like a TV or computer) that will stay powered on while cooling.
  • If the room is in direct sunlight, add an additional 800 BTUs per square foot.

Considering a room of 12 m², with 2 people staying, with 1 TV and not exposed to the sun during the cooling process, the following result is obtained:

  • 12 (m²) x 600 (BTU) + 600 (BTU – 1 person, excluding first person) + 600 (BTU – 1 TV) = 8,400 BTU

For this configuration you will need an air conditioner with at least 8,400 BTUs.

Explore some recommended models

Still don’t know which air conditioner to buy for your living room? Based on these tips, we have reserved some models for you that you can evaluate for your living room.

Split Air Conditioner, LG Dual Inverter, 9000 BTU, S4-Q09WA51

Picture: LG 9000 BTU Cold Split Air Conditioner S4-Q09WA51
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Providing a much more comfortable thermal experience to your environments, LG Voice Split has dual rotor balancing in LG Dual Inverter compressor, which reduces the number of compressor starts and saves up to 70% energy.

The first recommendation is a split version with 9,000 BTUs from the LG brand. The model should be installed at the top of the wall and the capacitor should be placed outside the property. The air conditioner comes with a remote control and can be connected to personal assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. The model is indicated for double rooms up to 12 m² with low sun exposure.

LG Split Air Conditioner, Double Inverter, 12000 BTU, S4-Q12JA31

Picture: Split Hi Wall Air Conditioner LG Dual Inverter Voice 12000 BTUs Frio Inverter S4-Q12JA31
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

S4-Q12JA31 air conditioner has anti-fungal filter, bacteria filter, also has self-cleaning feature, dehumidifier and is economical.

The second recommendation on the list is the same model as the previous one but with a higher BTU capacity. With 12,000 BTU it is possible to cool an environment of up to 15 m² for up to 3 people and with one or two equipment connected at all times. It offers the same smart features and extra functions such as air conditioner, timer and lower energy consumption.

Elgin Portable Air Conditioner, 9000 BTU, Cold Eco Cube

Image: Elgin Portable Air Conditioner, 9000 BTU, Eco Cube
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Elgin eco club portable air conditioner dehumidifies and it has two functions: sleep function, timer function.

Portable air conditioner is a recommendation for those who cannot do structural work at home. The model needs to be installed near a window and has a lower cooling capacity than the split version.

This portable air conditioner stands out because it is very economical, has a timer function and wheels that help direct the cold air to the desired area.

Air Conditioner Springer Midea Duo, 10000 BTU, QCI105BB

Picture: Window / Wall Air Conditioner Springer Midea Duo 10000 BTUs Mechanical Cooling QCI105BB QCI108BB
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The capacity of Springer Midea QCI105BB / QCI108BB air conditioner is 10000 BTU. This air is compatible with 127V or 220V voltages with category A (more economical) energy efficiency. This Springer Midea has low noise copper coil functions.

Finally, the last recommendation is a window air conditioner. The model, which has 10,000 BTUs, does not require a great deal of work for assembly and can comfortably cool an environment of up to 10 m². This Midea model also stands out with its quietness, which is an important feature for small environments.

By taking these tips into account, you will have important information for the moment of acquisition and has everything to make the best choice of which air conditioner to buy.

Source: Tec Mundo

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