iPhone 15

Everything we’ve come to expect from the iPhone 15: periscope camera, titanium bezel, curved edges…

We’ve compiled all the information we know about the new iPhone 15 lineup.

Everything we've come to expect from the iPhone 15: periscope camera, titanium bezel, curved edges...
The design of the camera module of the iPhone on a light blue background.

We are entering the middle of 2023 and there are many Apple fans who want to know what news the company has for us. A smartphone that promises a lot, especially in the field of iPhone 15, and will be introduced at the end of the year. It’s true that the launch of the iPhone 14 is very recent, but as an informative tool, we lend ourselves to the news… and there are many rumors about the iPhone 15!

There are many rumors circulating about the Apple iPhone 15, and some leaks reveal very exciting details about the iPhone 15. designrelated to equipment and features Overview of the iPhone 15 range.

In this article, we will take a short tour. latest rumors We are already guessing that they are very interesting news to form an idea of ​​​​everything we can expect from the iPhone 15.

All the news we expect from the iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Ultra concept by Concept Central on YouTube.

Join us to discover all the news as rumors about the iPhone 15 are starting to surface. The vast majority of sources are very reliable and I expected great features in the past. You know what they say about rumors, “when the sound of the river comes…


iPhone 15

iPhone 15 concept | Image: 9to5mac

First of all, let’s talk about the naming of Apple’s new 2023 smartphones. What will they be called?. In theory, everything seems to indicate that Apple will keep the “Plus” naming for another year, and some rumors suggest that the most advanced iPhone 15 model will include the “Ultra” suffix.

This could be the terminology for the four new iPhone 15 models:

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Professional Ultra


iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro Max concept.

No one, certainly no one knows what the iPhone 15 will look like, but thanks to recent leaks we can get a rough idea, which suggests that the iPhone 15 Pro models will feature USB-C ports and a thinner bezel display design. and edges. curved.

We also know that The frames of the case of the iPhone 15 series will be made of titanium – aviation titanium, as in the case of the Apple Watch Ultra – and the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models will feature side buttons with haptic feedback that respond to pressure with tiny vibrations.

Finally, these would be the screen sizes of each iPhone 15 model:

  • iPhone 15: 6.1 inches.
  • iPhone 15 Plus: 6.7 inches.
  • iPhone 15 Pro: 6.1 inches.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Ultra: 6.7 inches.


iPhone 15

Engineered images of an iPhone 15 concept

There is no doubt that the design category of the new iPhone 15. equipment They also add excitement to the rumors about the company’s new generation smartphones with the bitten apple logo.

Rumors like the possibility that all models will have at least one camera with a 48-megapixel lens. even though it’s true Apple is behind the competition in this regardIts cameras are usually those that offer the best results and 48 MP support.

It looks like the iPhone 15 Pro Ultra model (or iPhone 15 Pro Max) will be the only model with a periscopic lens. This lens for cameras will have the ability to collect ambient light and reflect it from a mirror, focusing the angle on the image sensor best telephoto lens setup.

little things, RAM memory. In principle, Apple plans to dedicate a huge leap in RAM memory for future smartphones like the iPhone 16 series of 2024, so everything will be kept inside iPhone 15 Pro models that will have 8GB of RAM and their younger siblings. 6GB RAM available on the current generation iPhone 14.

As you may have seen, many descriptions have been discovered about the iPhone 15 range, but not all of them have to be true. Also, there are many surprises to unravel. How we want to see them!

Everything we've come to expect from the iPhone 15: periscope camera, titanium bezel, curved edges... iPhone 15

Brand view presentation date 2023

Source: i Padizate

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