At the so-called “Innoprom 2023”, on the 13th floor of the city of Moscow, the specialists of the developer “Aeroax” and the meeting with which the Moscow city hall was presented with a helicopter-type drone, the key feature of which was the “green” hydrogen engine.

Of particular note is that this is a civilian drone model, a full test cycle due to be completed in 2024, operating without the proximity of UGLERODA – a hydrogen propulsion system released in the atmosphere of water. Of course, hydrogen transport represents a lot of damage to the environment, but hydrogen transport is a significant fossil-fueled environmental technique.


In fact, Sh-750 was demonstrated at Innoprom 2023 with a prototype of the modern Sh-750 drone.


The Sh-750 was designed for a large load weighing 300 kg, the dimensions of the pole were heavy, 200 km / h, and on airplanes, increasing its resistance to high wind loads and the presence of an anti-icing system that allows the use of a drone in the northern regions. regions.

Source: Tech Cult

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