Apple, in addition to the traditional Keynotes dedicated to new product launches and the popular event for developers to unveil new versions of their operating systems, also hosts various annual exclusive conferences for employees. One of them, as stated by Mark Gurmanfrom bloombergit’s like a mini WWDC, and designed to solve problems related to AI. And this year, everything points to ChatGPT as the main theme.

Mini-WWDC for employees, according to Gurman, scheduled for next week; This is a key date given that Google just announced Bard, its LaMDA-based language model, and that Microsoft plans to launch ChatGPT integration with Bing. The conference will also take place at the Steve Jobs Theater – Apple’s first in-person event since the pandemic – and will be streamed to other employees like any other Apple event.

Although it is not entirely clear what AI-related issues will be discussed at the conference and there are no rumors about this, it is very likely that the Cupertino firm mention your intention to develop models like ChatGPT to compete with AI built by firms like OpenAI and Google.

This is actually what Mountain View did a few weeks ago after realizing that an OpenAI chatbot could easily replace its browser. Meta also does something very similar, as Mark Zuckerberg himself confirmed. The intention of the multinational company, owned by Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, is to work on AI models to try to become a leader in this segment while continuing to focus on the metaverse.

Why it makes sense for Apple to release an alternative to ChatGPT

The question is, in fact, the following: does it make sense for Apple to develop AI models like Bard or ChatGPT?, if you do not have a search engine, where to integrate them? Partly yes. Mainly because these types of models do not have to be integrated into a search engine, although there is no doubt that they can be especially useful for improving search results.

Anyway, there are rumors that the company, led by Tim Cook working on web browser development, and it would not be strange if he integrated his own chat bot based on artificial intelligence. Apple has been bringing machine learning-based search features to iOS for years, not to mention artificial intelligence like GPT-3 built into Siri. can make the assistant greatly improve its responsiveness.

While the company is not expected to reveal details of this event, it is likely that the topics discussed at the employee conference – or some of them – will be reflected in products or services that the company may announce at WWDC. At least if Apple agrees to a strategy similar to Google’s red code strategy.

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