Microsoft will release a more powerful version of Skype for Mac

The company is preparing a version with lower energy consumption and faster connections.

Microsoft will release a more powerful version of Skype for Mac

New version of Skype optimized for Apple Silicon chips

Ever since Microsoft announced the release of a version Skype Specially designed for Mac computers. M1 and M2 processors. As reported by the company, this version will offer much higher connection speed and lower power consumption. It will apparently be 3x faster than the original version.

The information provided via the Skype blog is intended for Mac users to early access that the new version of the application and its general availability will arrive very soon.

“Skype’s performance-optimized Apple Silicon M1 chip is designed to deliver an unmatched experience by delivering the highest performance and reliability.”

Skype for Mac with M1 and M2 chips

The new version of Skype is specially designed for M1 and M2 processors and 3 times faster More than the current version for Mac computers with Intel processors.

It is unknown when the revamped version of the Skype for Mac app will become available. Microsoft has not announced a release date. However, as we mentioned earlier, it’s possible to download an early version of the app through Microsoft’s Skype Insider program to test all the new features before anyone else.

If you want to check if your Skype application compatibility with M1 or M2 chips, right click on its icon and select “Get info”, if it is listed as **Application (Universal), you are running the version. Optimized for Apple Silicon processors.

As reported by Microsoft, not only will the connection of Skype calls be faster. All application performance optimized And the truth is, it’s pretty remarkable. Also with this version Improved audio quality and video quality in video calls.

You can see a comparison of how the new version of Skype has evolved through this official video of the company:

The announcement of the update for the new optimized version of Skype for Mac comes shortly after Microsoft released its revamped Bing search engine with ChatGPT-based artificial intelligence. The company seems to be gradually renewing all of its services by category, which is very beneficial for consumers.

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