Pleasant activities give Russians a feeling of happiness; the most popular among them were sleeping, eating and live communication, a survey by research agency Aventica showed.

The feeling of happiness for Russians is given by sleeping, eating and communicating live: survey

What makes Russians happy (multiple choice):

  • sleep – 63%,
  • food intake – 51%,
  • live communication – 49%.

Furthermore, people become happier by chatting on the Internet and reading. Those who use food and grocery delivery services, taxi ordering, and online training also feel happier; this allows respondents to save time and spend it on themselves.

Among the least preferred activities are cleaning (42%), work (26%), traveling by public transport (24%). In addition, Russians also do not like to cook and spend time buying groceries in supermarkets.

In total, 59% of the respondents could call themselves happy. There are more happy people among women than among men: 67% versus 53%.

The online survey was attended by 2127 people living in settlements with a size of 100 thousand people.


anastasia mariana

Source: RB

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