One of the best photography and image management apps available google photosand we’re even talking about Apple iPhones. Not few people use it to take advantage of all the great possibilities it has to offer, such as some very interesting editing options because they are comprehensive and powerful. However, today a problem with this development and iOS operating system.

Unfortunately for a long time iOS stability is no longer what it used to beThe number of problems that arise, whether by the operating system itself or by apps launched and outgoing with Apple’s approval, is not exactly small. The fact is that in this department there is not much difference with Android, which means that the prestige that the Cupertino company has enjoyed is no longer so good.

Problems detected with Google Photos

The truth is that if you are one of those who use this application, the situation is quite serious. If you decide to install, New version of iOS 16.3.1, they are not few users who reported having major problems with the combination. So the vast majority unable to run google photos because when starting development there is an error that closes it automatically.

iPhone with Google Photos


Therefore, it is not a minor error and may mean: something very serious for some Those who have one of the options that they usually use in this application. At the moment, no solution has been provided from Apple (and the same goes for Google, if they are clear on this, they may update the app to fix what’s going on). Regardless, there is currently no way to use the app we mentioned in terminals that installed the update we mentioned.

An update that started out pretty badly

The new update, like most of the latest updates released by Apple iPhone came with issues and this repeats more and more. Therefore, we are talking about a very serious problem that should not be forgotten that it is closed for an operating system. As a result, it’s getting more and more interesting to install nothing from iOS as you find out if it’s the problem. What’s up…

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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