The iPhone 15 is already starting to be mentioned in tech circles. Yes, there are still months left before the presentation of the next Apple smartphone, but rumors are starting to gain momentum.

And the fact is that this device and all its variants, from the already classic Pro to the possible Ultra, which we will talk about now, are already generating great interest. This is always the case with a California tech company. Many are already asking what will be the price, release date and characteristics of the iPhone 15. As you know, doubts, all reasonable, will become clearer and clearer over time.

So here we’re going to cover everything we know about Apple’s next terminal, with updated information as more is revealed about the Cupertino giant’s plans.

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    • Will the iPhone 15 have USB C?

    • Camera and photographic possibilities

    • Other features of the next iPhone

      • iPhone 15: a worthy successor

      • iPhone 15 Pro: continuation of the legacy

      • iPhone 15 Ultra: Fact or Fiction?

  • iphone 15 price

When will the iPhone 15 be released?

Let’s start with when the iPhone 15 comes out. Elephant in the room because everyone wants to know ASAP the exact moment when the new smartphone will hit the market.

Well, although there is no estimated date at the moment, the truth is that this year we can more accurately estimate when the iPhone 15 will be released. This is because from the middle makrumura They recently indicated that they found that the days from September 15 to October 7 are blocked on Apple employees’ vacation calendars.

The new iPhone will almost certainly arrive sometime in September.

The firm usually introduces its new smartphone models in September at an event or Keynote. This is followed by a big launch, for which the firm always counts on high traffic to its stores and a good amount of work. That’s why it seems certain, sir, that iPhone 15 will be released sometime in the second half of September 2023..

So if we ask ourselves (or someone asks us) when the next iPhone will come out, we stand a big chance of being right if we offer this September range. Probably, these data will not be finalized until the nearest date.

iPhone 15 without buttons? What will be the design

One of the biggest unknowns for this generation of devices is what the new terminal will look like. There was even talk of iPhone 15 no buttons.

How? iPhone without buttons? Well, yes. This has been one of Apple’s goals for years in an effort to create a portless terminal and any add-on that is more than the terminal itself as a single compact entity.

In this case, it is said that the iPhone 15 without buttons can be chosen to open this path. For now, early rumors suggest the device will have the buttons we’re used to, but they’ll offer tactile feedback like the home button that was on the iPhone 7.

The concept of the next iPhone.

Here, we could have an iPhone 15 without buttons but with a traditional look. Apple will take the first step towards a dual goal – to create a terminal without changes in its structure, eliminating buttons with a physical response as such. This is of course a much more likely approach than radically removing all buttons from one generation to the next.

Similarly, the body design of the device is expected to be slightly rounded at the edges in an effort to improve ergonomics. In addition, the screen will shrink its borders to improve the viewing experience.

Finally, all models will be equipped with Dynamic Island (Interactive cutout at the top where the camera and Face ID are placed). Released with the previous generation Pro models, this time it will also be extended to the cheapest versions of the new smartphone.

Will the iPhone 15 have USB C?

One of the biggest questions over the years has been when USB C will come to the iPhone. This year will be no exception, and there are already many rumors pointing to the release of the iPhone 15 USB C.

The adoption of this standard is a theory that actually ceased to exist after Apple itself admitted that they would have to give in in order to comply with the requirements of the European Union in this regard.

While it is certain that the iPhone 15 has USB C or the leap will happen in a future generation, the truth is that the balance is leaning more and more towards the former.

USB-C detail in the iPhone 15 Pro concept.
USB detail in concept.

Camera and photographic possibilities

The iPhone 15’s camera is one of the aspects that gets the most attention. With each new generation, the Cupertino-based company strives to significantly improve this section, which has ensured its permanent position among the manufacturers with the best photo module in a smartphone.

In the case of the iPhone 15 and its camera, everything seems to indicate that the news will be specifically focused on the larger model. Thus, iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the first smartphone in the house with a periscope lens. with optical zoom, far exceeding the capabilities of their counterparts.

This is a feature that we have repeatedly seen in the terminals of other brands. Now it can finally reach the firm’s smartphones with the aforementioned Pro Max, further distinguishing the top model from the rest.

Other features of the next iPhone

In addition to the above, it is to be expected that the iPhone 15 Pro and the standard 15 will not use the same processor. Apple first started making this distinction last year and, barring surprises, will continue to do so.

Here, iPhone 15 Pro will have the company’s latest processorwhile the base model will be available to consumers with the A16 Bionic chip currently found on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Similarly, another section where the iPhone 15 Pro will improve will be in RAM. The latest leaks indicate that this model will take it from 6 to 8 GB, boosting the performance of the terminal. Its younger brothers, on the other hand, will keep the current 6GB.

iPhone 15: a worthy successor

iPhone 15 red on black background, concept.
iPhone 15 concept by 4RMD.

If we delve into the question regarding the models that will enter the market, iPhone 15 will be the cheapest of all. It will be a basic terminal as usual, although this year it will be more interesting.

Mainly due to the inclusion of the aforementioned Dynamic Island, which will now equalize it to a certain extent with the Pro models. Otherwise, it is also expected to move to USB-C and retain other elements already known. such as dual rear camera.

iPhone 15 Pro: continuation of the legacy

iPhone 15 Pro black on black background, concept.
iPhone 15 Pro Concept by 4RMD.

The other model coming in 2023 will be the iPhone 15 Pro, which will feature Apple’s latest innovations, just like in previous years.

As said, it will keep the triple rear camera, albeit now with a new periscope lens, and it will also improve the processor and RAM. If nothing changes, then iPhone 15 Pro Max It will be the most premium model the firm will bring to market this year.

iPhone 15 Ultra: Fact or Fiction?

Golden iPhone 15 Ultra on a black background, concept.
iPhone 15 Ultra Concept by 4RMD.

Arrival of the model iPhone 15 Ultra That it crowns Apple’s smartphone line is one of the rumors that have been gaining ground lately. However, the usually reliable Mark Gurman from bloombergrecently it became known that representatives of Cupertino are preparing this model for 2024.

This terminal will have better materials and photographic capabilities than other models. And something else, for sure. But, as the journalist points out, there would be no such iPhone 15 Ultra, but there would be a replacement for the next generation.

iphone 15 price

Prices are always one of the biggest unknowns when it comes to this type of terminal. After the big upswing they had already experienced last year, for the iPhone 15, they are not expected to be heavily redesignedkeeping the ones we find today with the current generation.

Thus, all models and prices for the iPhone 15 could be something like this:

  • iphone 15: 1,009 euros / 20,999 pesos (Mexico).
  • iphone 15plus: €1,159 / $23,999
  • iphone 15 pro: €1,319 / $25,999
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: €1,469 / $28,999

Of course, all these prices are indicative. The Company may from time to time decide to adjust them depending on market needs. In hindsight, it’s unlikely that we’ll know the exact figure before Apple’s official release.

Source: Hiper Textual

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