From today, it will be more expensive to replace iPhone battery at Apple

Apple battery replacement cost increased by 24 euros.

The battery is a component that degrades relatively quickly.

At the beginning of February, we reported that Apple’s battery replacement program has increased its prices and now the company’s new pricing policy is in effect. Price increase set for March 1. It will now cost more to replace your iPhone’s battery.

Specifically, 24 euros will be more expensive. Of course depending on the iPhone model whose battery you want to replace. And as long as your device out of warranty. See below for price changes in Apple’s new Battery Replacement Program policy.

Replacing your iPhone’s battery will cost more

Apple’s Battery Replacement Program will increase the service fee by 24 euros after this. This additional amount will affect all iPhone models from generations before iPhone 14 models, namely the iPhone 13.

“The out-of-warranty battery service charge will be in effect until the end of February 2023. From March 1, 2023, the out-of-warranty battery service charge will increase to €24 from all older iPhone models up to the iPhone 14.”

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone battery?

Apple its customers a system for: calculate the budget Since replacing an iPhone 8’s battery isn’t the same as replacing an iPhone 12’s, here’s the battery replacement in the tech support and repair section.

For example, replacing the battery of the iPhone 8 cost 55 euros, but after that it will cost 79 euros. When it comes to replacing the batteries of the iPhone 13 Pro Max (75 Euros) it will now have a cost 99 euros.

There are repair alternatives in third-party services

If you need to replace your device’s battery and you think Apple’s prices are too high, you should know that they exist. more affordable alternatives. They warn that they will not replace modified components in third-party services, although it is from the company itself.

What do you think of the price changes Apple has made in its battery replacement program? Do you think they are too high?

Source: i Padizate

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