technology augmented reality takes place in the industry. Although it seems like it has a big competitor, we know that Apple is working on its own glasses. And now they have largely confirmed their existence.

As you well know, yesterday Google gave the I/O 2022 custom start signal. A conference for developers where Google presents its main innovations in software and hardware.

Besides showing off the Pixel 6a, they also surprised me with the announcement of the Pixel Buds Pro, Pixel Watch, Pixel 7 and Pixel Tablet. Isn’t that enough? Well, they also showed themselves augmented reality glasses. And they will be perfect for speaking in any language.

Google’s AR glasses will let you speak without a language barrier

More than anything because today Google Releases A Quick Look At Its New Augmented Reality Glasses, and this is wonderful. More than anything, because all expectations regarding its use have been exceeded.

Before we launch the chimes right away, it should be noted that it’s still a few years away from launching this product, especially when traveling and seeing the possibilities this equipment has to offer.

first try with you Google It was a failure, but for one simple reason: Paying $1,500 for augmented reality glasses with little prospects in 2013 was out of reach for very few people. But today it is not so crazy anymore especially when the price of smartphones is increasing exponentially.

And looking at the possibilities that the next-gen Google Glass has to offer, it’s clear that this gadget has some cards that it hides and that look really good.

taking into account they showed just one of the many functions it offers in today’s video, The truth is, they have a long way to go. Mainly because the next generation Google Glass has an enhanced version of Google Translate that can do live transcription of conversations to have a smooth experience when speaking to people who don’t understand your language.

In the demo video, we see that the text is visible through the miniLED lenses, making it clear that the image quality will be great. There is still a long way to go for this product to become a reality, but it is clear; Augmented reality glasses will soon have their golden age, and Google and Apple will be great bases.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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