The enigma of Messi’s golden iPhones: an ingenious marketing ploy or a multi-millionaire whim?

A hoax about Messi and some golden iPhones went viral all over the media.

An iPhone with a 24-carat gold-plated case on an Argentina football team jersey

The shocking news came to light recently that Lionel Messi gave each of his teammates a golden iPhone, and we call it “shocking” because he is a Paris Saint-Germain player. He usually does not boast of this kind of ostentatiousness.. No matter, they now have it from SPORT denial totally news.

According to SPORT, the news is a hoax. This is wrong. Lionel Messi didn’t gift his teammates a gold-plated iPhone 14 Pro Max. Or at least it doesn’t seem like it. Currently, in fact, still We have not seen a player from the Argentina team with a golden iPhone..

I don’t know Rick… that doesn’t seem right

Everything indicates that this scam was spread by a businessman who owns a company dedicated to the manufacture of luxury goods. In an Instagram post Thanks to Lionel Messi for ordering 35 iPhone 14 Pro under.

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“It was an honor to send 35 gold iPhone 14s to Leo Messi, his teammates and his team to win the World Cup final.”

Whether this rumor is true or false, what is certain is that such “golden gifts” are not cheap. The company, which spreads the deception on the Internet, is making a case for smartphones with 24-carat gold cases. The alleged order that Lionel Messi ordered had a cost. about 200,000 euros. It’s not for every budget, except you’ve won a World Cup.

iPhone Messi

This company is dedicated to customizing luxury smartphones.

There are many brands dedicated. luxury smartphone customization and other devices. Before we go any further, a month ago we were talking about the iPhone 14 Pro Victory, the world’s most luxurious (and expensive) iPhone encrusted with gold and diamonds.

Source: i Padizate

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